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My Round 1 prediction and why.

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    Originally posted by RagTime Blue View Post
    Let me ask you all this:

    Do any of you think he has the size to play MLB in the NFL? And let's not talk about "bulking-up" more than 10lbs., because that doesn't usually happen.

    And if he's strictly a WLB, does that stop us from taking him?? Remember how important the nickel is these days (I don't think he and JWill are mutually exclusive).
    Obviously his DUI gave some doubts about his character but that been said he has the size and ability to play multiple positions at LB and would fit in Fewell's system IMO but the jury is still out on him. We will find out if he gets drafted soon or what the Giants do if available.
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      depending on who else is available at the pick, I wouldn't mind. The Giants do have a history with troubled players, think Jason Peters, Kerry Collins, Ahmed Bradshaw to name a few off the top of my head. I think they have the support systems in place to help keep these types of players on a clean line.


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        LOL all of our first round guys are known for high character. Ogletree is the exact opposite. And he's undersized for a MIKE so he'll be a WILL which are rarely drafted in the 1st.


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          Originally posted by titwio View Post
          I think Ogletree may not even go in the 1st round. Just from what I'm hearing, teams are still wary of his OTF concerns.
          a very talented linebacker with off the field problems.....

          brings to to mind a certain coke-headed ho-monger.......

          didn't we once build a franchise around such off the field qualifications ?
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            Originally posted by RagTime Blue View Post
            IMO, Reese has hit on 4-straight first round picks (its early on Wilson, but much reason for optimism). The three before that are subject to debate (somewhere else, lol).

            Concerning those 4:

            Nicks was a moderate risk pick at a high-need position.
            JPP was a high-risk pick at a low-need position.
            Prince was (at the time considered) a low-risk pick at a moderate-need position.
            Wilson was a moderate risk pick at a high-need position.

            I think JR is riding pretty high on his recent 1st round success, and is willing to take a gamble again. He has job security and is not afraid of failure.

            I suspect a high-risk / high-reward type of player, and why not at a position of high need for us.

            Survey says. . . .Alec Ogletree

            Not only can he possibly be a home run, but a grand slam. Plus, we're so thin at that position that he could contribute very soon, if not immediately.

            Of course, everything is subject to who falls. If Reese takes him instead of Rhodes, I'll throw my TV out the window.

            But I consider Ogletree a reasonable and realistic scenario. What do you think?
            I'll go with OT Watson... need + ability + high upside


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              My sources are telling me that we might go OL, but we could also go with DB or DL.

              But one thing is for sure, the guy we select WILL be a football player.
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                My knowledge of his OTF problems are two-fold:

                1. Substance abuse in 2012 - Suspect recreational and NOT performance enhancing.
                2. DUI - Which is bad, but not nec. indicative of criminal tendencies (like theft or assault).

                I think the guy's a baller, and with focus, could be the best defensive player out of this draft. In fact, his OTF issues might be the only thing getting him to #19. Better that than an injury.

                I'm on-board with whatever Reese does, but would be particularly excited by Ogletree.