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Relax. Everyone on this board is an "expert"

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  • Relax. Everyone on this board is an "expert"

    We are not the money or business people behind the Big Blue. They have scouts.. so you watch a guy on TV, doesn't make any of us the Giant organization. We are fans. what pisses me off are, these people who throw the organization under the bus because our team is smart and goes after NOT necessarily the big names.. but after players who will work for this organization. they fulfill this organizations needs. I remember seeing flaming posts about our OL with the players being beat on most plays. but somehow, they are supposed to listen to a bunch of us monday morning QB's?

    We have needs on OL and this Pugh kid I understand can play ANY position on the front line. If this kid can make the transition to pro ball, I think we have an anchor for our OL. so quit your *****ing ladies.

    We have needs on D as well. you folks need to remember, we have been to the SB twice in less then 10 years. We have a pretty damn strong scouting crew and well, I'm "not hip" on our offense and defensive coaches but we have what we with it.

    I see us taking MAYBE one more OL player then we load up on Defense. Don't look for big names.. look for players who have tangibles and up side for this team.we don't always get our players from big name schools.

    Peace out!

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    Clearly your the "expert" & have everything all figured out.....I don't care how you put it, any guard not named warmack or cooper is bad value at 19.....we don't give a **** what this guy "could be", what matters is right now....& as far as everything falls tonight, we got crap value.....does that mean Pugh isn't every going to be a good player? No....but all we have to gauge a successful draft is the amount of quality talent you get at what point in the draft....and as of now, every writer,analyst,etc would agree we could've done better....
    There's a reason why there's a order of importance by position that teams draft players, it's why you see all the decent pAssrushers & CBs go ASAP while you can find interior Oline talent in the mid rounds


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      People are stating opinions, get over it.