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Pugh looks excellent on tape

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  • Pugh looks excellent on tape

    I'm looking up Ryan Nassib videos to see more of Pugh

    And here, Pugh played a flawless game

    Stonewalled his guy all game long...did not allow a single pressure

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    Watch James Brewer at Indiana, looked better to me long arms, quick feet. Barett Jones, can run block replace Baas at Center also, good at blocks at the second level. My point is they got Brewer in the 4th and are still yet to start him and he's clearly the better option over Diehl. Locklear played very well also. I wasted time with high hopes to see my favorite college player come to my home team and Reese says with a straight face this kid was the highest rated player on their board. They must have high hopes in Ojomo and Tuck ressurecting his career...They better draft Taylor or Q.Smith at least.


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      Agree with matter how good this pick could ever be, it was a reach no matter which way you look at it. Just look at comments on his highlight videos, people were saying he could be a gem in the late 2nd or 3rd....taking him at 19 was ridiculous, especially when Rhodes, Werner, Reid, Floyd, Teo and more were still available.


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        I watched three of his games and I liked what I saw. Everyone has to just give this kid a chance.

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