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  • Giants Draft Film Thread

    Im going to be adding to this as the Picks come in. Just cut the Rutgers game. Hopefully will get Uconn and Lville up as well today
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    Justin Pugh vs Rutgers 2012 NEW Just cut it

    Justin Pugh vs Pitt 2012

    Justin Pugh vs Pitt 2011


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      Thank you

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        I think he will have some trouble when he goes up against good DEs,


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          Jonathan Hankins
          vs MSU 2012

          vs UCF 2012

          vs Michigan 2012


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            Jonathan Hankins cont....

            vs PSU 2012

            vs Nebraska 2012

            vs Cal 2012


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              Hankins cont.......

              vs PSU/Wisconsin 2011

              vs Illinois 2011


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                Damontre Moore Texas A&M

                vs Oklahoma 2012

                vs Alabama 2012

                vs Miss st


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                  Damontre Moore Texas A&M cont.......

                  vs LSU 2012

                  vs LA TEch 2012

                  vs Arkansas


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                    why am i not impressed lol..


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                      Damontre Moore cont......

                      vs FLorida 2012

                      vs Nwestern 2011 3-4 LB

                      vs KSU 2011 3-4 LB


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                        Redeye your the man! Thanks


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                          Originally posted by DarceChoke View Post
                          Redeye your the man! Thanks
                          No problem i wish more people were paying attention to this there are a lot of games up


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                            Thanks for all the effort you put into this thread. I will definitely be checking it out but not until my next day off this Tuesday. Thanks again.

                            Do you have any personal opinions of these players?


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                              Originally posted by AGiantDynasty View Post
                              Thanks for all the effort you put into this thread. I will definitely be checking it out but not until my next day off this Tuesday. Thanks again.

                              Do you have any personal opinions of these players?
                              Moore was my highest ranked of all these guys in fact Pugh was the lowest. Moore is a player Im very familiar with been watching him closely since his freshman year. I thought he was grossly underrated heading into the season then became grossly overrated and then became just underrated. He has really been all over the place this season. In July I didnt see any mocks or Top 100's with him and then all of a sudden Kiper has him #2 in the draft. Then he has a bad combine and then everyone starts dropping him.
                              Moores tape is good. Pretty versatile player. Has experience playing multiple positions in multiple fronts. Played as a 3-4 LB in 2010 and 2011. Moore is good in many areas just not spectacular in any which along with some character concerns are why he didnt go in the Top 45 picks.Moore works well dipping inside rushing in the B gaps. So Slip might be right saying he has potential as the Nickel DT. Why u wouldnt want Moore playing in coverage often he is definitely capable of some short drops which could be useful for zone blitzing. Moore fits into the Giants opportunistic Defense forcing a number of fumbles while at A&M. Moore has played the majority of his snaps on the Left Side and I think thats where he will stick.

                              Justin Pugh I had ranked #61 overall so I wasnt crazy about this pick at 1st but after the Giants got Moore and Hankins where Pugh was drafted doesnt bother me as much as we ended up with 3 potential starters. Pugh has good tape but he really didnt face elite competition and struggled at times with elite players in the Senior Bowl. I preferred Miami Dolphins selection Dallas Thomas to Pugh who I thought had similar tape and played in the SEC.I can pop in games with Dallas Thomas facing elite edge rushers stymieing them at Guard and Tackle which is a comforting when trying to project players.While I thought talent wise the Giants were reaching the draft dictated it wasnt and its likely the Giants were not going to be able to land him later.

                              On tape they got a fluid athlete with the ability to mirror edge rushers with a very good kick slide. Pugh does a good job as a move blocker which bodes well for the Giants if they are going to use him at LG. My biggest worry with Pugh stems from his smaller build and short arms. Pugh has had issues with compact powerful ends and moving him inside to guard where even bigger more powerful interior players are located could give him problems.