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Report Card: Grading The Giants' Draft

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    Originally posted by TheEnigma View Post
    Dare I even consider the thought and I'll probably get flamed for even suggesting it but Reese might have a weakness in regards to becoming prone to certain positions getting a "run on" during the draft. He mentioned how he took Wilson last year because he suspected a run on RBs and now he did the same for Pugh because all of the "bigs" were coming off the board. Passes on Glenn at the end of the 1st but he gladly takes Pugh in the middle of a 1st round. From a pure value standpoint, this doesn't even make sense honestly.
    Thats why I had thought the whole draft process that they werent going to take a tackle in the 1st. Logically it didnt make sense to me. I guess factoring in the strength of this draft wasnt factored enough into my equation.


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      Originally posted by B&RWarrior View Post
      That is just not true. Glenn has better physicals. Definitely does not lack core strength as is the knock on Pugh and has adequate arm length. Glenn had awful mechanics and very sloppy footwork on tape. It wasn't all roses with Glenn as some people like to make it seem.
      Glenn was light years more physically talented then Pugh.Glenns problems are a lot easier to fix I believe. Pugh doesnt even have tape against top competition. Who knows how high he gets drafted in the SEC if he was facing bigger stronger lineman week in week out. Glenn was going against Clowney,Mingo,Upshaw,Ingram,Fletcher Cox every week during his college career. When I put games on of Glenn I saw him at Guard and a LT handling all types of lineman and situations. Everyone is just assuming Pugh translates to guard. Im not sure Pugh is strong and physical enough to play Guard or RT. He can mirror edge rushers great but against bull rushers I see weaknesses and against 320 DT's inside I dont know if he can play there
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