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What is Reese thinking during this Draft?

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    Originally posted by nycsportzfan View Post
    The same people saild the same thing about people who questioned Sinorice Moss, Clint Sintim, Bryan Kehl, Ramses Barden, Marvin Austin, and others as well.. Who cares? They won't be in these forums after today till next yr at this time anyways, so screw it...
    Exaclty....Phillip Dillard was a STUD.

    I rarely ever question Reese and have been one of his biggest supporters on this site. The moment I speak up with my opinion and criticism over a pick it's like I'm not even allowed to do that.

    It's like "who are you...a professional?!"
    "You killed my family, and I don't like that kind of thing."


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      Originally posted by nycsportzfan View Post
      So u reach for a guy who u don't even know if he can play T in the NFL a rd early to fix the problem? U draft a DT that has endurance issues and underachieved on the field and his stock has fallen with his lack luster player? And even the pick i like, Moore has a ton of offield issues, and i read weeks ago a quote that litteraly said "Damontre Moore would not be able to play in a place like NYC because of his maturity issues".

      This draft is mad suspect..... Its one of the worst drafts of any team, on paper..
      Pugh cant play tackle? Wow, where did you come up with that?