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    I was a big Dion Dawkins fan, heard he is making a run at the bills starting LT spot. Him and Kazee were 2 of my favorite picks, didn't think Kazee was gonna convert to fs though.

    Don't even bother with that other guy, he's being a stick in the mud
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      yep. i remember you liked dion dawkins and damontae kazee. both good picks so far it seems. not sure what other guy you are speaking of.

      where would you have taken them? who would we not have gotten?

      would you still say that now?


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        george kittle Vs. Evan Engram


        IF this continues.... I think one would have to consider kittle was the better deal and trading down from 23 could have been the best move.......

        we could have all the same picks plus kittle plus have an extra round 1 draft pick coming in 2018

        put another way,

        would you trade engram for kittle plus a first round draft pick in 2018?

        at this point, i think you'd have to say yes.

        Love engram, but love kittle also.

        SF got a steal in round 4. Maybe the biggest steal of the draft.

        IF only we had the ear of the FO, we coulda educated jerry, ross and the boys LOL


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          87-Kendall Beckwith
          200-Conor McDermott

          Think we could of gotten Webb in the 5th.
          Everything else the same.

          1-Forrest Lamp-(OT-Western Kentucky)
          2-DeMarcus Walker-(DE-Florida State)
          3-Wayne Gallman-(RB-Clemson)
          3-Anthony Walker-(ILB-Northwestern)
          4-KD Cannon-(WR-Baylor)
          6-Joshua Dobbs-(QB-Tennessee)


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            giants draft selections, not graded well at all. ^^^


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              Engram is the number 9 overall pick in the articles redraft. Best TE in the draft ahead of OJ howard who goes at 16!

              Exactly as predicted Engram better than OJ howard. although howard has him in the run game as a blocker and has more upside i suppose. but still engram is a bonafide star either way.



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                redraft part 2.

                the article has the Gmen taking ryan ramcyzk at 23. BUT that is only because engram went already at 9 overall.

                You can't complain about the engram pick guys. You just can't.

                If anything, you can complain about not going Oline in round 2 or trading down to fill more holes.

                ramcyck over engram would have been a mistake IMO.


                so here is the other thing to notice. Dalvin thomlinson is the number 27 overall pick, and goes in round 1 in the redraft.

                Wow. really? is he that good? if so you have to say that jerry reese and company did a good job in rounds 1 & 2 before screwing up the rest LOL. if davis webb works out then they did great. if not, well. the jury is still out on rounds 3-6. trading up for biswonaty looks like a mistake already. anyway.

                it is the later rounds mostly, that are an epic fail by GMs in the NFL league wide IMO.

                2 cents
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                  an eagles redraft has ruben foster going to them at 14

                  one can argue ruben foster was a better choice than evan engram.

                  in my mock drafts i had foster over engram at the time. i likely would have traded down or taken foster if i'm being honest, but i would have traded back up in round 2 for engram if i could have. would have had to get ahead of atlanta at 28. it is interesting because it's hard to say what the best plan would have been even in hindsight.

                  i'd probably have take ruben foster and been happy with TE george kittle in round 3 or 4. I'd have gone oline in round 2, cam robinson i think was there.

                  Or if i traded down, i'd have the extra picks and an extra number one this year. likely the best overall plan to improve the team as a whole even as good as engram is, he is only 1 player.
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                    redraft has engram int he first round as well as ramcyck and robinson