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Favorite and Most hated 2018 OL

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  • Favorite and Most hated 2018 OL

    So when it comes to most commonly mentioned names there's Connor Williams, Mike McGlinchey, Mitch Hyatt and Orlando Brown as the top LT Talents, Frank Ragnow and Billy Price as top Centers, and Quenton Nelson as the clear cut top OG.

    Who's your favorite and why??

    Why do you dislike others???

    Personally, I was a big Connor Williams fan til the injury, he had technique, strength, excellent pass pro and run blocking, as well as playing against top talent and performing well.

    Mike McGlinchey played top level teams his whole career and did well, he also has the strength, technique, pass and run blocking down, his biggest issue just seems to be false starts

    Mitch Hyatt seems like Chad Wheeler without the off field issues, he's got the technique but not the strength

    Orlando Brown comes off like Flowers 2.0, not the most athletic, very strong, good run blocker yet sub par in pass pro

    Billy Price is an a over average athlete with nice strength and a nastiness rarely seen these days, dude plays through the whistle, THEN some. He can handle pass rushing AND big body DTS, not much shame in his game, cept the penalties

    Frank Ragnow not too familiar with, heard he's a great run blocker and has yet to let up a sack, ever. Honestly I don't see many Arkansas games, lol

    Quenton Nelson is virtually flawless in his game and off the field, IMO his biggest downside is that he can ONLY play OG
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