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  • The State of My G-Men!

    The Problem with Macadoo:
    1. Mac's lack of dedication to the run.
    2. Playcalling was too predictable. For the second year in a row, players from the other teams have admitted they knew what plays were going to be called or that they knew what routes the WRs were going to run.
    Why Mac not calling plays wasn't the biggest factor in us winning:
    1. We executed better.
    2. JPP made plays he wasn't making. As usual, he eats up really bad tackles and then goes quiet for periods, a phenomenon uninfluenced by playcalling.
    3. We ran better because we blocked better with a rearranged offensive line.
    4. Brent Jones run blocks better than Richburg, Fluker made an impact and Pugh moved to RT, and Flowers didn't implode, but not one of these factors are impacted by playcalling.
    5. Mac waiting so late to switch up the offensive line is debatable, but it's a separate issue from playcalling.
    6. Darkwa blew up, but he blew up because there were holes to run through.
    1. I didn't see a material difference in his ability to make something out of nothing and Perkins.
    2. He didn't hit the holes much faster, he didn't have superior vision
    3. he didn't make more defenders miss, he just had significantly better blocking
    4. should the blocking deteriorate he will struggle just like Perkins did

    We executed better and we won a game. It had everything to do with the improved play of the re-engineered offensive line, and not as much to do with the change in play calling duties as many posters think.

    Who knows? Maybe relinquishing play-calling duties allowed Mac to help coach up the team to enable them to execute better.

    If he goes .500 he will be back next year.

    Jerry Reese:
    1. The players that all performed well are all players JR acquired or drafted. We have arguably the best cover corner in the league in the past 2 season. We have the undisputed best run stuffing DT in a 4-3 defense. Engram looks like another solid pick. Bret Jones looks like he could be a keeper. OV and JPP need to have good seasons.- if he does go this plays a huge role in his termination.
    2. The defense that has been slumming this year is the same defense that was shutting down everybody last year with the exception of Hankins and an improvement at LB. They put on their best performance with DRC suspended. Execution, not personnel seems to be the issue.
    3. The offense put on their best performance with their top 3 WRs, C, and RT out injured. If we turn it around it's going to be hard to blame the earlier losing on personnel choices because we had a healthier, more talented team to start the season.

    We will go into 2018 with established impact players at LG(Pugh), DE, DT, S, WR 1 through 4, and TE. The defense wil be better than it is this year. Again the O-line will need to be addressed like it should have been the last 2 years.

    The idea that we would rebuild is ludicrous. Even if they fire JR and Mac I don't think the new guys go into total rebuilding mode. There is enough here for Eli to do serious damage with.


    Because of all of the effort and examination being poured into these predictions, the draft is a robust market that, in the aggregate, does a good job of sorting prospects from top to bottom.1 Yet despite so many people trying to “beat the market,” no single actor can do it consistently. Abnormal returns are likely due to luck, not skill. But that hasn’t stopped NFL executives from behaving with the confidence of traders.

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    You said help coach up the team. Mc Adoo is noted for offensive coaching skills.
    He not a Motivator. He can not adjust a game plan during a game. For that matter he can change a plan game to game. He is not a defensive or special team coach.
    So, I don't see any reason to keep this guy going forward.
    Hopefully, ownership will conclude the same