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2018 NFL DRAFT- underrated sleepers & under the radar prospects

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  • 2018 NFL DRAFT- underrated sleepers & under the radar prospects

    in 2017 Our fans here on this board nailed some of the best players to come out of the draft, who were under rated on media big boards and sleepers.

    Some names Our board liked included:

    Evan Engram, who currently leads not only tight Ends but all rookie recievers
    Kareem hunt who some of you guys were adamant about and we all know how good he is doing
    Mack Hollins, who you guys spotted, is becoming a stud receiver for the Eagles passing
    Jordan Roos, drafted by the seahawks even though he was not on most lists or big boards last season and appears to be doing better than biswonaty
    aaron jones, went in the 5th round who is now the starting RB fr the Vikings and is tearing it up. aaron rodgers loves him and his coach loves him. they rave about jones in interviews.
    Matt breida, who you guys pointed out went UDFA and is gaining more playing time for San Francisco and competing for starting playing time, could be doing better than the Rb they drafted in the 4th round.
    Marlon Mack, 4th round RB who had a 10+ yard per carry game recently and the most big plays per carry of all Rbs.

    so that is 3 RBs we had graded as equal or better than gallman, for a much cheaper draft capital price

    Chad kelly QB, If webb ends up being a backup, we could have had kelly instead in round 7 and would now have another good starter from round 3. Kelly is arguably better than webb anyway.

    George Kitttle: This board was adamant about the guy, and we were right. he is second behind evan engram in rookie receiving TEs ahead of OJ Howard and David Njoku...but we could have had him in round 4. Kittle is a far superior blocker than engram. Possibly the best blocking TE in the draft and could go on to be one of the best blocking TEs in the NFL. runs a 4.5 and was underrated as a receiver. Engram is far better route runner. Engrams route running is elite IMO. so....(if we trade with san fran, we'd have kittle instead of engram but an extra pick this year coming and another 2nd or 3rd from 2017). having him, and other players graded as a steal opened up many more drafting options is the point.

    Plenty of others

    A good way to become aware of these guys is to read all of the news articles entitled "under the radar" or "sleeper" or "underrated", even if they are articles of other teams writers. I'll try to post whatever i come across in google searches for discussion. To weed through the swarm intelligence with human common sense! Please participate & Enjoy!

    Let's see if we can do it again in 2018! Who knows, maybe someone from the NYG will actually read our thread this year!

    This thread is Way too early and will just be nominees mostly at this point. I'll give my 2 cents as a fan FWIW.

    (compare last seasons draft grades to this seasons)
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    all sleeper team news article:

    Will Hernandez, UTEP

    A year ago, Hernandez allowed one quarterback hurry on 363 pass-blocking snaps, per Pro Football Focus' draft guide. Disclaimer: That's really good. At 6-3 and 330 pounds, Hernandez looks like an NFL lineman on the field with the Miners. Before this season, Hernandez had already started 37 games at left guard. He routinely gets lower than defensive linemen to win the leverage battle at the point of attack and is a tremendous combo blocker. Hernandez's awareness and balance round him out as a squeaky clean interior offensive lineman prospect. He was a stud against Oklahomain September.

    tdawg pointed this guy out n his thread.
    I remember this guy from last year being talked about as one of the best guards in last years class, but he did not declare. It is interesting that he may drop this year only due to other guys garnering more attention than him, like q. nelson and billy price etc. Love this pick if he drops to mid rounds.

    M.J. Stewart, North Carolina

    Stewart has produced from Day 1 in Chapel Hill. As a freshman in 2014, he snagged two picks and had 26 tackles with four pass breakups. He took a huge step forward in 2015 with 14 pass breakups and four interceptions to go along with 62 tackles. Through eight games this season, Stewart has corralled 30 ball-carriers with four tackles for loss, two sacks and eight defended passes. Clearly, he's a highly active secondary member and at 6-feet and 205 pounds, he has NFL-caliber size for the cornerback spot.

    My 2 cents is that will hernandez is a stud. I don't necessarily know if he is underrated. There are so many good Lineman prospects, hernandez is one of the best among many.

    MJ stewart, not so sure. Others on that list? what say you guys?
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      Go ahead and nominate a player or players@!


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        Akrum Wadley RB

        could fall to late rounds...have seen him mocked as early as round 1, and as late as UDFA


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          Josh Adams RB

          9.2 yards per carry. Need i say more?


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            DJ chark WR



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              allen lazard wr



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                article lists a few unheralded names on its mock/big board



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                  Will Grier QB



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                    TE dallas goedart we don't need a TE but still cool article>>>



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                      Jake browning QB



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                        Iman Marshall cb dude has been struggling with injuries...he could fall and become a steal in late rounds

                        Iman Marshall, USC

                        The USC Trojans are looking to get back on track this weekend, but are playing an Arizona State team with a solid quarterback in Manny Wilkins. Unfortunately for the Trojans, they will likely be without Iman Marshall, who is listed as doubtful. Marshall is a potential first round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, so he will be sorely missed on Saturday.



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                          Frank Raginow, C

                          tdawg pointed him out early in his thread

                          We have to draft the dude. IF we do nothing else, we have to draft the dude

                          if he drops below round 2 he is a steal IMO

                          billy price and mason cole are also good options of course, but raginow is my personal favorite as the underrated guy. more of a mauler in run game than cole i think. price goes round 2 or higher most likely, leaving raginow as a MUST DRAFT
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