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Do you see us getting any one of these "Top 25" free agents??

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    Originally posted by BIG_Blue_87 View Post

    Thank Christ you two are nowhere near an nfl office.

    Kirk Cousins will NEVER win a playoff game. MARK IT DOWN.
    We could not afford to fill the roster with what Captain can't win would want. The two of them can say what they want it is not in any way realistic.
    Never go to battle with the intellectually unarmed.


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      Id resign Pugh as long as hes healthy. Olines need continuity and his versatility is an asset. Perhaps resigning Fluker too to play RG since he helped the running game.

      Then Id draft Billy Price to play center in Round 2. Sign Somder or keep Flowers there a year longer (not ideal) to let Wheeler develop at Right Tackle or let Wheeler get the starting LT position.

      Version 1) Solder-Pugh-Billy Price-Fluker-Flowers
      Backups: Wheeler, Biz, Jones

      Version 2) Flowers-Pugh-Billy Price-Fluker-Wheeler

      Version 3) Wheeler-Pugh-Billy Price-Fluker-Flowers

      or sign Norwell, Solder, and Fluker, and trade Flowers for a 2nd Rounder? Maybe?

      4) Solder-Norwell-Jones-Fluker-Wheeler

      We definitely, even if with draft a QB with pick 2, need to draft at least one Olineman, resign 1-2 of ours (not Richburg) and sign some free agent lineman.

      One of then Patriots strengths is they have players who are versatile which is a huge edge. We need to have as many versatile and multi positional players as we can.

      We need to clean house but this isnt baseball. We cant sign multiple top tier free agents like Ansah, Breeland, etc. we have to attack our biggest weakness-the Oline.

      signing Ansah would be nice but we do have JPP and Vernon. I expect them to improve and with some better linebackers behind them, greater production.
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        I am hopeful that we can find more than 1 OL in the draft. I don't even know what to think anymore with the line. There are no good options out there. Let Pugh walk because he is so expensive, but he is our best lineman on a terrible line. Resign Fluker, worst case scenario he is a solid back up. Can Wheeler beat out Flowers? I don't see a stud LT in this draft. What will a FA tackle cost? Maybe too much. There are some very solid interior linemen in the draft this year.

        One OL possibility is this.

        Solder - Billy Price - Jones - Quentin Nelson - Flowers (Wheeler and Bis would compete with Flowers for the RT spot. Fluker would be back up guard.

        Or we could trade back to #5 and take Barkley and switch Nelson for Hernandez.
        Your 2018 NYG Offense?

        ODB.......Ellison.....Solder - Price - Jones - Hernandez - Flowers...Engram....Shep

        LT (132.5) -> Strahan (141.5) -> Osi (65) -> Tuck (60.5) -> JPP (50) -> ???
        "Next man up"

        "I am a nasty football player, I get after people. That is something that I am very proud of. I am out there and I am physical every play, making sure that the guy across from me wants to quit." - Adam Bisnowaty


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          Originally posted by bigpoppy View Post

          what do ya think of ziggy ansah? the dude destroyed our Tackles this year. he was a beast. feasted on flowers.
          Ansah is a tough sell. Injured quite a bit and I believe his sack total is misleading as he had 9 in 3 games. Then 3 more in the other 11. Honestly, I am not sure he is better than JPP.


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            I see less than no chance of us signing Cousins. He will command top QB $$'s, and not only do I not think he's worth it, but we don't have the cap space anyway. I'd spend it on Solder and Norwell, shore up the OL.


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              We are stuck with JPP and Vernon, we are not signing Ansah.


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                Realistically I see two guys on the list that it makes sense to go after:
                Andrew Norwell - Guard, Carolina
                Morgan Burnett - Safety, Green Bay

                Solder would be great, but his contract will be huge. I don't think QB is realistic, maybe some DBs depending on who stays and who doesn't.

                I don't think we should go WR, or at least any of the WRs listed.

                I'd rather spend Free Agency Money on Solid Players with Good value than on the top 25 Guys listed.

                It will be very, very interesting to see where Cousins ends up.

                The Jets or the Browns should Blow him out of the water and lock him up.

                How great for us would it be if Cleveland did that? Then they could take Barkley at Number 1, and OL at #4.

                A few Prognosticators have talked this scenario.