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  • The Other Qbs in the draft

    "Others who could go a little later in the draft are: Mason Rudolph (Oklahoma State), Mike White (Western Kentucky), Luke Falk (Washington State) and Kurt Benkert (Virginia)."

    One could include quinton Flowers in that list also. He has shown enough potential to be considered i think.

    Anyone high on any of these other QBs?

    i liked what i saw in all of their highlights except white. At least one or more of them could be the next dak prescott, case keenum type fo a prospect, i would think. What say you guys?

    ***kyle lauletta is now moving up draft boards after winning the MVP of the senior bowl.

    Mike white also shined
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    Kurt Benkert, Virginia


    At his size -- 6-4, 215 -- with a strong arm, quality command of his offense, and some mobility, Benkert is capable of looking like an NFL quarterback in some instances. In Virginia's loss to Miami, he completed 28 of 37 passes for 384 yards with four touchdowns and one interception. However, his lack of consistency is one of his biggest red flags. He went 39 of 66 for 259 yards in an early-season defeat at the hands of Indiana, and in the bowl-game loss to Navy, Benkert completed just 16 of 36 attempts for 145 yards with an interception. He doesn't need to be flashy. He needs to be steady at the Senior Bowl.

    Luke Falk, Washington State

    Comfort in new offense

    At Washington State, Falk operated Mike Leach's yards-after-the-catch predicated offense, a scheme in which shovel passes and a variety of screens are true extensions of the basically non-existent run game. Per Pro Football Focus, just 37.5 percent of Falk's 2017 passing yards came in the air, the fifth-lowest percentage among 144 qualifying quarterbacks. Falk must demonstrate he's capable of running a non-gadgety offense during his time in Mobile.

    Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State

    Arm strength

    Just a hunch here, but Rudolph's not being discussed more as one of the top quarterback prospects in this class due to his lack of a rocket arm. And that's basically it. There were rumors he played through a shoulder injury in the middle of the season when Oklahoma State strangely went run-heavy for a few games. Even if that ailment hurt his velocity, Rudolph didn't have Matt Stafford's arm before the injury. It won't be as if anyone expects the Oklahoma State star to suddenly have a cannon, but if he consistently displays impressive velocity at the intermediate level and down the field, it'll help answer a big question about his pro potential.
    Ian Rapoport@RapSheet
    Oklahoma St QB Mason Rudolph will have to sit out the Senior Bowl because of a left foot sprain that does not require surgery and is now stable, sources say doctors told him. One of the top QBs, Rudolph plans to attend the Senior Bowl for measurements & interviews.
    8:25 PM - Jan 17, 2018


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      Kurt benhart video scouting report

      dude has made some other video scouting reports>> cool >>>
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        Nic Shimonek had a great game in the east west shrine game. threw a perfect ball for the game winning TD.

        he was the star of the game FWIW

        Texas Tech’s Nic Shimonek had the best stats in the Shrine Game, going 12 of 18 for 105 yards and a touchdown,
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          Riley Ferguson QB also mentioned as a later round QB


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            JT barrett played the east west shrine game also, but went 9/23 and did not look great


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              Mason rudolph blurbs from various analysts


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                Originally posted by bigpoppy View Post

                Mason rudolph blurbs from various analysts
                Meh, Davis Webb sounded better in his scouting reports last season.

                i have yet to research any of the other guys
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                  Some people are high on Rudolph, I have even seen him as the projected #1 pick. If we are thinking round 2 QB I would take a shot with Lamar Jackson if he is there. Otherwise no thanks. Role with Eli and develop Webb.
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                    kyle lauletta, senior bowl MVP



                    slated in round 2 for denver in the mock>>>>

                    also the mock talks about Ol austin corbett>>>
                    "Corbett was a three-time All-conference player at Nevada, and was one of the nastiest players at the 2018 Senior Bowl practices. His physical style of play will fit in perfectly on the Broncos’ offensive line."
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                      kiper now has Mike white as his 5th best QB in the class after his senior bowl performance


                      lauletta and white are neck and neck it seems depending on who ya ask

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                        i'll be interested to see what walter football comes up with once they update their rankings...............


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                          i really liked what i saw from kurt benhart when i watched his youtube vids....

                          NFL execs were also high on bekhart>>>

                          so i guess i'm not crazy LOL

                          he did not impress at the senior bowl game though
                          the consensus on him appears to be he has great upside and all the tools and could develop into a franchise guy potentially

                          then again, that's what they always say LOL
                          but there is a lot to like on film from him

                          " Kurt Benkert - Quarterback
                          Virginia - Redshirt Senior
                          6’3’’, 220 Pounds

                          I have had some Cardinal fans ask about the Cardinals possibly drafting Kurt Benkert, and so I decided to research the young man. I wasn’t disappointed whatsoever. I watched a few games on Benkert and noticed the few characteristics that makes this kid so successful at Virginia.

                          Strengths: Talk about the ability to thread the needle, Benkert is one of those quarterbacks that seems very accurate on those mid balls. Even when the pressure is coming down on Benkert, he is able to keep his eyes downfield. I think he has some of the best pinpoint accuracy in this draft on those mid-range balls. He can go from read-to-read fluently on what seems like most three step drops. His size is great for the next level, and makes great throws when the pocket closes in. Good at scrambling when needed. Wasn’t overly accurate, but that could be blamed on the lack of talent around Benkert.

                          Weaknesses: An East Carolina transfer who went from one spread option team to another. I think ‘eye-balls’ his target, which can give an advantage to the opposing teams defense. Benkert tends to float long balls a little bit and seems to field the ball more like a long punt. Not someone you want to start from day one, but with some development, he’s a gamer.

                          Cardinals Summary: The Cardinals, no doubt, will take a quarterback at some point in the draft. The more and more I watch film on Benkert, the more I felt comfortable with the idea of taking a day two pick on him. I need to develop him in a pro-style system, but he has great leadership abilities. I would want a guy like Benkert on my team. Projected: 3rd-5th Round
                          Stats: 298 completions, 509 attempts, 58.5% completion, 25 touchdowns, 9 interceptions
                          Pro Comparison: Andy Dalton - Cincinnati Bengals

                          i doubt the NYG select him but...there is a reason they say this QB draft class is deep... there are just a bunch of guys who make ya that guy may turn into something.... everybody is searching for the next dak prescott or jimmy garoppolo, ya know

                          i'll be interested to see how all these prospects pan out over the next few years
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                            Originally posted by bigpoppy View Post
                            kiper now has Mike white as his 5th best QB in the class after his senior bowl performance


                            lauletta and white are neck and neck it seems depending on who ya ask

                            Other than allen and mayfield,
                            Mike white impressed me the most in the senior bowl game...him and kyle lauletta, the small school guy who won the MVP

                            more on white>>>>>>> PFF says he is among the elite QBs in the draft class and they think he is a round 2 prospect.

                   2018 Prospect Preview: WKU QB Mike White is on par with nation's elite

                            BY MARK CHICHESTER • JUL 17, 2017
                            BOWLING GREEN, KY - DECEMBER 03: Mike White #14 of the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers passes the ball during the game against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs at Houchens-Smith Stadium on December 3, 2016 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Western Kentucky defeated Louisiana Tech 58-44. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
                            • Western Kentucky quarterback Mike White enters the 2017 college season as a Day 2 projection for the 2018 NFL draft, and among the top quarterbacks in the preseason PFF NFL draft guide.
                            • White ended the 2016 season with a passing grade of 85.5, the fourth highest grade among 130 qualifying quarterbacks, and his overall grade of 85.7 ranked 10th of 150 quarterbacks.
                            • He has shown composure and patience in the pocket, and has the ability to make plays while facing pressure. In 2016, he earned a passer rating of 107.4 when he was under duress, the third highest mark in college football.
                            • He showed good accuracy last season as his adjusted completion percentage of 78.2 percent ranked third among 87 quarterbacks with at least 350 drop backs. His accuracy translated downfield as well, as he earned the highest adjusted accuracy percentage (60.5 percent) on throws of 20 or more yards. His passer rating of 122.3 on deep throws was the third highest in college football.


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                              The Top Ten QBs in the Draft
                              Surprise Surprise Mike White as well as kyle Lauletta both make the list now.


                              Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold are top 2. That how i had ranked them also, but there is still a long way to go until draft day. The combine should help Llamar Jackson. It will be fascinating to see how it all plays itself out.

                              Truth is it is all a big crapshoot to a certain extent anyway. LOL

                              Whomever gets in the right system with the right players around him with the right opportunity, will have the most success, presuming they have enough talent.
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