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A lot of movement at the top in the latest CBS Mock

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    Originally posted by Aris View Post

    The Giants are doing QB at 2, I would be shocked if I heard trade, or Quenton Nelson (my BPA and need), Barkley or Chubb - and Mayfield is to me the best one as well.

    I have no problems with the Giants drafting a QB, other then Rosen. Personally, I am shocked he is mocked to us in so many drafts....I feel he will drop a bit.

    However, that said....IF the Giants shock us, and for whatever reason that has been discussed here a million times, keep Eli and Webb and don't do QB, this is a possible scenario.

    Some feel this is too far back, and that's a valid argument especially if you are wanting Quenton Nelson. I feel however, this is around the Giants "need" area, where the guards and tackles who might be considered right side, linebackers and running backs beyond Barkley begin to be a viable draft option. Right at 15-32 is when those plug and play interior linemen and linebackers begin to appear. Due to I believe 5 QB's, a few defensive backs, a running back will be top 10, I can see some some serious sliding into Bill picks zone.

    Our needs...that will then match BPA.

    Bills will also need more then Cordy Glenn to sweeten the deal....he's a rumored quick dump of salary, let alone trade bait. Actually, from what I read, the Glenn situation has to happen well before draft night to make cap sense to the Bills...believe when the NFL season opens in March. Hell, we might trade for him without the draft being involved.
    I agree. I think there’s a 75% chance we go QB, a 20% chance we trade back, and a 5% chance we stay at 2 and take a position player.


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      I'd do it for Glenn, their 2 first rounders, their 2nd, and a 1st and 3rd next year.

      Its a huge drop from #2 overall.