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    Originally posted by bigpoppy View Post

    i'm not convinced that any team is going to be offering big hauls this year the way everything is shaking though.
    That's why I believe the trade I proposed would be hard for cleveland to pass up. They get their top QB + barkley... And in turn we get ideally 3 first rounders this year (considering picks 1 and 2 of round 2 as basically first round talents).


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      Originally posted by jomo View Post

      I don't think it is ludicrous.
      I just think that our #2 overall is worth more than that.
      What would you see needing to be added into our compensation to make this worthwhile?


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        Originally posted by bashful View Post
        Trade with Buffalo if we can not get Barkley get there first two rounders 21 and 23?? and there 2nd rounder. Perhaps even an offensive tackle
        OMG nowhere near enough for the 2nd overall pick
        two extremely late picks and a 2nd rounder lmfao
        Do a little research on past trades


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          Originally posted by Mr. G-Man View Post

          Why? We are only moving back from 2 to 4... That's completely unwarranted for what you're saying
          going back two spots costs the team that is moving up a lot of picks this early in the draft
          check out the RGIII trade for reference
          3 1st rounder's the Redskins gave up to go from 5th overall to 2nd overall in 2012 and I think a 3rd rounder was dealt too


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            Gettleman already said it would take an awful lot for him to even consider a trade down. Plus, its his first year as manager and he has said he wants a Hall of Famer pick here. Realistically, I dont see him giving this opportunity up unless they are all or nothing on their top pick and that player lands in Cleveland. We'd still want a big offer in return.
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            1. Josh Allen QB Wyoming
            2. Sony Michel RB Georgia
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            4. Rashaan Gaulden CB Tennessee

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              Reese would've traded it away for a bag of gently used sweat socks