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Sign Nick Foles. Draft Barkley. Cut Eli and JPP. Use that money to sign O-line.

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  • Sign Nick Foles. Draft Barkley. Cut Eli and JPP. Use that money to sign O-line.

    Do this and we're instantly 1000x better.

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    Can always use that reverse aging potion too and get LT and bill parcels to come back.


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        Its so crazy it just might work! (I honestly can't tell if I'm kidding or not... Seriously)


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          Doing that might save enough to sign 1 offensive linemen for this season. Even with post june 1st cuts which will eat about 16 million in cap space for next season the Giants only save 20 million, factor in Foles costing 10-15 million you really don't save that much money. In fact you actually lose more cap space then you gain over 2 seasons.

          If you cut them before June 1st you would have 34 million in dead cap space space for this season freeing up a huge 4 million to spend in FA.


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            Nick Foles isn't a Free Agent. But it's good to dream about a rival's backup QB who only excellled behind a no1 oline and with plethora of weapons.


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                Great plan except for the fact that Foles is not a FA.

                Good research


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                  **** it.

                  Op clearly thought this out.

                  DG. You're out.

                  Op. You're in.

                  Good luck.


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                    Bold Strategy


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                      Cut them and we still do not have cap space to sign players. Their freed cap space money would not apply until after June 1st. So lets see we would give up a 1st round draft pick for Floles &. 7.6 million dollar contract .

                      Lets summarize:
                      Foles = 7.6 of our cap space + our first round draft pick + cutting a starting DE . That leaves 2.7 + the 5.5 from the 1st round pick 8 .3 million in cap space to sign the rest of the roster in the next few days. Brilliant idea. Send a letter to Dave

                      No first round draft pick, NO DE, 8.3 million in cap space + 5 draft picks No Center, No RT , NO RG need a Corner+ 17-20 other roster spots to fill and but we have Foles. Superbowl here we come.
                      "Three things can happen when you throw the ball, and two of them are bad." Darrell Royal


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                        Sometimes you just can't find the words.

                        This is one of those times.


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                          [QUOTE=raggedymoon;n3095079]Do this and we're instantly

                          I must say, that you certainly sound like a student of the NFL and how it works.
                          Unfortunately......the student you sound like is Bluto from Delta House!
                          But donít give up..keep trying.
                          After all...... we didnít give up after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!!!
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                          "I'M ALL FOR IT!"

                          John McKay, HC of the 1976 winless TB Buccaneers, when asked by a reporter, how McKay felt, about the execution of his offense.


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                            I tried this in Madden and it worked....let's do it.
                            LT (132.5) -> Strahan (141.5) -> Osi (65) -> Tuck (60.5) -> JPP (50) -> ???
                            "Next man up"

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