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Pick 2 QBs most likely to Succeed and 2 that will Bust

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    studs: Rosen, Mayfield
    duds: Allen, Jackson


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      Originally posted by TEM View Post

      I think it is more like the 07 and 13 classes than the 04 class. It is my opinion and I could be wrong . All of them have flags that are not what you want in an NFL QB. If it was not for Willison, the 03 class would be up there as one of the worst also.
      Definitely a different take. Interesting to see how it plays out, alot will be dependent on the team they go to.


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        I think Mayfield is going to be the best NFL QB of all these guys. I also think the biggest bust factor is on Allen.
        But it could very well be that all 4 guys will be very solid NFL starting QB's.

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          Studs : Mayfield, Rosen
          Busts : Allen, Darnold


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            Succeed: Darnold, Allen

            Bust: Rosen, Mayfield


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              Succeed: Darnold, Rosen

              Bust: Allen

              I think Allen will be the only bust from this class amongst the top 5


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                Originally posted by TCHOF View Post
                His hand size isn't below average
                Average is 9.6". His hand size is 9 3/8".

                9 3/8" < 9.6"

                Pretty simple.
                LT (132.5) -> Strahan (141.5) -> Osi (65) -> Tuck (60.5) -> JPP (50) -> ???
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                  Studs: Darnold, Rosen
                  Duds: Allen, Jackson

                  Darnold and Rosen i think will both be very good QBs in this league. They have all the tools to thrive and succeed. Darnold's mobility and comeback ability and Rosen's smarts and play action throwing really stand out to me - outside of the obvious great arms they have. Allen and Jackson imo, are a case of hoping you can develop them into a good player.

                  Mayfield is the wildcard for me who could go either way depending on the team he goes to. He's got the accuracy, the swagger, and tools to be a good NFL QB. His size combined with never being under center concerns me. He can be anywhere from Drew Brees to Johnny Manziel. Having that wide of a floor and ceiling scares me because that means he's more of a risk
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                    Originally posted by Imgrate View Post

                    Definitely a different take. Interesting to see how it plays out, alot will be dependent on the team they go to.
                    imo: That is 40% of it.
                    The Dallas Cowboys have now gone exactly One Third of their pathetic existence without a Super bowl appearance.