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The if you had to trade Beckham 2 year Giant Fix

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    Originally posted by NorwoodBlue View Post

    You forgot to substract the salaries of 12 guys currently on the roster who would be replaced by these players. But, it's totally irrelevant because that trade would never happen.

    Are you the OP also? I show how it can't work. You tell me to pick the players to cut. FYI: cutting Vets to sign a bunch of unproven Draft picks. Bad Idea.
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    The Dallas Cowboys have now gone exactly One Third of their pathetic existence without a Super bowl appearance.


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      Originally posted by coachf14 View Post
      you trade a few and keep your core if we are doing well. For sure you will lose some in FA i.e. Pugh and Richburg. We will get comp picks if they are good ones. It is the natural cycle of life.
      Can you actually come up with a plan that conceivably works. Are you just tossing **** out there and hoping it sticks. You have said or stated nothing on how to make this work. Your only point is to trade him . If you are going to make a thread at least make it feasible. You failed to show any reason on how this works.
      The Dallas Cowboys have now gone exactly One Third of their pathetic existence without a Super bowl appearance.


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        if you go to and click on the NYG you see a list of the top 51 salaries the team is paying. You start at the bottom of the list with a guy making $555k and move up till you get to 13th from the bottom add up that number and that is the minimum of how much you would deduct.
        I am not saying those are the 13 guys you lop off, as their name some decent low paid players there. But that is the minimum. There are plenty of players there that a 3-13 team would want to upgrade with high draft choices.

        How does this work, very simply. For the last few years this board, and I am including myself have said we need to upgrade the offensive line, I found a way to get 3 high draft picks for offensive linemen. We have talked about never spending a high draft pick on linebackers, 2 of the top 3 picks are linebackers. We have a tremendous need at cornerback, with 33 year old William Gay on a short term deal and Eli Apple with whom you do not know what you have. We end up with 3 high draft picks for wide receiver replacing Beckham, Coleman in a trade, Sutton and Anthony Miller, plus the signing of Latimer.

        If you look at the depth chart for the Giants, it is THIN at best, and that does not pre suppose our usual spate of injuries.

        In addition my plan which you hate give us an extra first round and second round pick in 2019 to continue the rebuild.

        Is it a fantasy, maybe, but the first two trades have been thrown out for discussion before. The trade down with Arizona I have not seen anywhere yet.


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          tem do you really think Shane Smith, Jon Halapio, Kyle Carter, Kalif Raymond, Thurston Armbrister, Curtis Riley, Brandon Dixon, B W Webb, Nick Becton. Teddy Williams, almost all of whom were free agents are going to help the Giants be a better team then a group of guys drafted in the first 4-5 rounds?