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2018 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings - OT

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    Originally posted by Gee718 View Post
    Hey dude, when you create a big board, then people will critique it. Nothing personal but it is what it is.
    I have no problem if you say hey I disagree. You went further and said that its obvious that I didn't watch players. That's not criticism, that's calling credibility and knowledge into account.


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      Let me drop my rankings....

      K. Miller
      C. Williams
      T. Crosby
      O Brown
      J Jones

      D Harrison - Needs time to bulk up.

      Chukwuma Okorafor - He would make a better guard. Balance is to off to be an OT..

      Dissect my list..

      Long Live the King


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        Originally posted by Gee718 View Post

        You think Chukwuma Okarofor is better than Kolton Miller, and you expect me to take you serious. You obviously haven't watched any of them play. I mean, it is obvious, you haven't watched them...

        This is my first time seeing this video....then I'll look for a quote I made in the draft section about him months ago...I didn't just start watching tape because the draft is in two weeks. I started watching OL very early because I knew we needed one.
        tdawg watches tape on all these guys. He does a great job. The Board is lucky to have him.

        We are lucky to have you too, you are rock solid, but comeone now, tdawg does a great job with his analysis.


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          5 hours ago via mobile
          Quote like
          Post by darksaint on 5 hours ago

          Have strick and tdawg from the draft section joined?

          Read more:

          you guys joining the party over to rosies board?


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            Originally posted by miked1958 View Post
            If they trade back with Buffalo and get both their 1st round picks then Nelson would be out and one of those two could be in play

            Another nice get would be C Ragnow in 2nd or 3rd
            Wow Ragnow went 19th overall to Detroit that's nuts to think that we were hoping for 2nd or 3rd round