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There are more undrafted players in the NFL right now than there are first- and second-rounders combined.

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    Marshall was a 4th round pick. But I really love the hunger that these guys have


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      Now count how many starters are 1st and 2nd rounders vs UDFAs. Those guys fill out rosters, contribute on special teams and a few crack the starting line up and might even become awesome players. The odds are stacked against them though and most are out of the league in a year or two or never even make the 53 man roster to begin with.

      The fact that the closer to pick 1 you get the more HOFs, All Pros and Pro Bowlers you get is pretty good evidence that teams are actually pretty good at drafting, it's just a very inexact science. It's like being good at fishing, sometimes the fish just don't bite.
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