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Mock Draft 3rd Edition

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  • Mock Draft 3rd Edition

    Well this draft is more balanced than my last ,also i think as others have said we will add much oline in free agency

    Round 1-Jadaveon Clowney DE -oh how much i love this pick ,im hoping the next great combo is JPP and clowney ,we need some sacks giants football

    Round 2-Gabe Jackson OG- interior lineman needed ,he has SEC experience,his size and athleticism are very intriguing,he needs to work on his physicality and aggression but these are coach-able things as size and athleticism are not

    Round 3-Jonathon Brown OLB-Strengths: Brown sports a stout frame with long arms and a thick lower half. He is quick to attack the line of scrimmage, showing impressive burst to make plays in the hole and the willingness to take blockers head-on. Brown has good speed to the flanks and pursues with passion, showing the ability to track and drag down ballcarriers from behind as well as the light feet and balance to drop into coverage. He shows a physical bull rush and good determination when after the quarterback and closes with a thump when he has an open lane.
    Weaknesses: One area in which he needs to improve is in protecting his legs from cut blocks.

    --Rob Rang

    also i think we will still have beasley as he is playing very well and beasley and brown along with clowney and JPP we are really making our defense solid again

    Round 4-Ross ****rell CB DUKE-hes a 6'0 190 lb ccornerback i love cornerbacks having height,he had 5 ints last year ,his are lower this year as he only has 1 through 6 games,i think thats because people realize how good he is and arent throwing his way

    Round 5-Jerome Smith Rb Syracuse-STEAL STEAL STEAL his running style.break tackles power ,uses his speed well mixed with david wilson i love that combo

    Round 6-Cody Hoffman 6'4 210 lbs WR-nicks might be gone ,pretty good chance he is we will need cruz playing slot and randle isnt a number 1 receiver he will stay in the number 1 role with this guy competing because hes huge and he can play ,in his junior year he had over 100 catches 1248 yards and 11 touchdowns i love his height to go over corner backs STEAL STEAL STEAL STEAL

    Round 7-Crockett Gilmore TE colorado state-6'6 255 this year he has had a 7 rec. 83 yard game and also a 5 reception 78 yard game with a touchdown also ,he has good size where he can be a receiving threat and still be the solid blocking tightend he has good potential and we have one of the best tight end coaches in the league ,I DONT LIKE HOW IVE HEARD NOTHING FROM ADRIEN ROBINSON AS HE IS 4TH TIGHTEND RIGHT NOW HIS POTENTIAL ISNT WORKING FOR HIM . Gilmore has caught 64 passes for 731 yards and 6 touchdowns but it should be noted he had switched to tight end from defensive end so potential in this guy is big