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Giants Draft LaMichael James

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    Re: Giants Draft LaMichael James

    I would rather a RB that can be a starter for us someday. Lamar Miller is my favorite if he lasts till the 2nd but Polk would be pretty good too


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      Re: Giants Draft LaMichael James

      [quote user="tdawg1413"][quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="Raptor22"][quote user="nycsportzfan"]There is a ton of guys who would be good 2nd round picks for us and i put Lamichael James in that group. All though if i was going RB in rd 2 I'd hope CHRIS POLK of WASHINGTON was still around becuase i feel he would be a sensational duo with Bradshaw markelle martin S Ok St is another guy i'd love in RD 2 and Kevin Zeitler G Wisconsin is another . Heres the list of guys i'll be hoping for in RD 2 obviously depending what we do in RD 1

      markelle martin s ok st
      chris polk rb washington
      lamichael james rb oregon
      casey hayward cb vanderbilt
      travis lewis lb oklahoma
      dwayne allen te clemson
      kevin zeitler g wisconsin
      matt reynolds ot byu
      stephon gilmore cb south carolina(would be ideal replacement for webster when time comes)
      andre branch de clemson[/quote]

      Mercilus in the 1st
      Hayward in the 2nd,
      Doug Martin in the 3rd

      Me = []
      [/quote] That would be a utterly sensational first 3rounds to the draft and all most to the TEE the draft i would hope for most being realistic

      That would be awesome if the first three rounds went that way. I do however feel we need a RT in the first three rounds as Kareem has declined and I am not sure if Brewer is his replacement. Matt Reynolds would fit in nicely. He is tenacious.

      Boothe, Beatty, and Petrus have given me no reason to question my belief in Flaherty's ability to coach 'em up, nor JR's ability to pick 'em. If they like Brewer, I think he'll be ready by September. (maybe some growing pains, but I think it'll be worth it).