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  • Giants Mock Offseason

    Besides a mock draft I'll try to project what will happen in the entire offseason instead of just a draft. I'm also thinking of what would happen if I was Jerry Reese, not something I want to do. So while I would invest in money to make a time machine to fire Killdrive 5 years ago, I'm operating as if he has a lifetime contract like what Reese is actually thinking.

    -David Diehl
    -Corey Webster
    -Mathias Kiwanuka
    -Hakeem Nicks
    -Chris Snee
    -Bear Pascoe

    Linval Joesph
    Justin Tuck
    Stevie Brown
    Andre Brown
    Jon Beason
    Trumaine McBride

    Alex Mack, C

    Mack is the starting center of the Browns and if we get him we can move Baas to guard which would kill two hoes with one. Remember, with SF, Baas was a starting guard.

    Mario Manningham, WR
    Let's not kid ourselves, the Giants basically consider Killdrive as close family so he isn't getting fired. Therefore a WR that knows this system would be great.

    1. Mike Evans, WR
    We need to replace #1 WR production to free up Cruz. Nicks is gone and even if he isn't he's clearly no the Nicks of old. Nowadays the NFL is all about creating favorable matchups and having a 6'5'' receiver to be the next Plax would be ideal.

    2. Louchiez Purifoy, CB
    As shown by the Chargers our secondary is made of swiss cheese. Now I don't blame them because Fewell sucks but we needed secondary help a year ago. No one in this secondary can be called good in coverage except for Prince. Purifoy is athletic as they come so that's already enough for Reese.

    3. Anthony Johnson, DT
    Outside of Jenkins who hasn't done much we dont' have a DT that can pass rush. Johnson is another athletic DT but as we've seen this season quantity >> quality at DT. We need a rotation of solid players and we get elite production.

    4. Josh Mauro, DE
    Our pass rush is a joke. Mauro is a 275 lbs pass rusher that can do it anywhere on the line. He has a similar build to the Minister of Defense himself and if all goes well he can pass rush from anywhere on the line whether at DE or DT.

    5. Anthony Steen, OG
    Reese tends to pick the position that the fans want most in the 4th or 5th round.
    6. Ted Bolser, TE
    7. Jon Beason

    While the Giants are in cap hell they can clear 20 million+ by cutting the right people. Reese is a sentimental guy so I doubt he cuts all of the guys I mentioned above even if it's the wise move. After all David Diehl is still on this team...Regardless we do have some money to play with to try and improve this team. SO while I'm probably wrong on everything about free agency we DO have a chance at a overhaul.

    And while people want to spend the next 10 drafts on picks just on oline, the problem isn't the lack of talent. It's because the coaches refuse to play the middle round guys we already drafted. I mean if you guys know your history the Giants best lines in recent years all came from 2nd round picks or much much later.

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    Why would you re-sign manningham AND draft a WR in the 1st, when both Cruz and Randle are on the roster. Af the very least, Randle and Manningham are capable of holding the outside together (although the competition for the #1 spot, as well as the #82 jersey, will be intriguing).

    Love the Mack signing. If we got him, we'd be set for a while. I just hope that if he is signed that he doesn't turn out to be another Baas.

    The thing that really bugs me, however, is no outside linebacker, especially at the strong position. We've had so many weak-side LB like paysinger and glorified pass rushers like Kiwi and Moore play the position. I want a guy that can actually cover a TE one-on-one and secure the middle of the field, as well as operate in nickel packages with Beason. Get that (Barr or Mosley would both be good choices), and you will fix our pass rush overnight as teams will no longer have TE slant or RB dumpoff in the flat as a 100% guaranteed play anymore. Want to make Witten go away forever? Want to avoid getting embarrased by someone like Woodhead again? Draft one of those guys round 1... **** getting Mike Evans, this is the 1 pick that can drastically improve everything right off the bat.

    I still believe that linebacker is our primary problem on defense, although corner depth will get a little thin as well. Reese is a massive idiot if he doesn't take an outside linebacker, interior OL, or possibly a CB with his first pick.
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    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.


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      Kiwanuka is signed until 2015. The savings is minimal if cut. I don't see Steen falling all the way to the 5th. Lowest I see him is in the third. I don't think Manningham helps in regards to "knowing the system".

      Johnson in the third is pretty good value, though I disagree in your assessment of the interior line. The Giants had gotten quality of play from quantity of players. That window of effectiveness may just be limited as three of those players are over the age of 30. They can go with a DT as early as the first. It doesn't make Reese a massive idiot.


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        Kiwi is not going anywhere…

        Don't let Jomo see your comment on Evans - he'll go nuts over that height comment!

        Mack is an intriguing choice…I'm liking the way you are thinking!

        Beason has to come back!

        Yes, we need a big corner to pair with Prince, especially when we play teams like Dallas!

        I'm still not sure about the DE position, let's face it if we have a high enough draft pick and can get someone incredible, they need to do it!

        The only way you sign Manningham is if you lose Nicks and don't sign a high draft pick that can fit as the third WR.


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          Mack would be great, but I don't think it's most efficient when the draft is chalk-full of good centres that can be had in the 3rd round. I love, love, love Bryan Stork from FSU and Weston Richburg from Colorado St. Draft one of them two and we're good.

          Not really sure why we would cut Bear Pascoe. He serves us well blocking in double TE sets, so until we find someone who can replace what he brings, don't see it happening. Unless of course we roll with Robinson as TE2 but who knows what we have there.

          I'd add Myers to the cut list. We have the option of parting ways with him with no cap penalty this year, so hopefully we find a TE1 in FA or through the draft. Pettigrew fits our offense the best I think, but there's also Finley and Pitta available, who if nothing provide an upgrade receiving even if they're not prototypical blockers.

          Just some ideas, I like what you have though. I would love Evans 1st Rd. Could help solve our redzone issues in a hurry.


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            I love the Mack signing! One it solidifies such an important position and also allows Baas to move over to guard. I don't like Mario signing and Evans pick. Agree with guy above with drafting outside lb


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              LBs who can cover today's breed of TEs are very rare and are more in the mold of a SS than a true LB. I haven't seen anything from Barr in terms of film that makes me feel comfortable that he can perform that assignment on a consistent basis and while Mosley might have that ability, I'm not honestly a fan of taking a pure LB that high (top 12) when I don't feel he is a prospect worthy of such a high selection like Luke Kuechly was in 2012. You don't try and be cute in the 1st round when you are picking in the top half. You take the best skill position player you can (pass rusher or WR) and don't look back. Since we're picking early in every round this year, we can still address some needs with fantastic players in rounds 2, 3, and 4.

              If the coaching staff could actually show some enthusiasm in developing prospects and not letting them go to other teams (cough Matt McCants cough), there's no reason a guy like Cooper Taylor couldn't play a hybrid S/LB role and handle TEs for us.


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                I would LOVE to see Mack here next year...
                Stop Booing Tiki Barber.