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A QB we should draft, Blake Bortles

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  • A QB we should draft, Blake Bortles

    A few years ago, I made a thread about Ryan Nassib before anyone had even heard of him. I claimed he would make himself well-known, and would quickly rise up draft boards.He wound up getting drafted by the Giants. Well, although I did not take the time to make a thread about Bortles, I told everyone I know about him when literally nobody had ever heard of him. I know this because I'm a senior at UCF, and I've been to every home game this year. He has everything you could look for in a QB - pocket presence, athleticism, build, accuracy, arm strength, and the ability to make plays throwing across his body and on the run. But his biggest attribute is his ability to stay calm and get the win. He's clutch, plain and simple. There's a reason why he went from relatively unknown to the second best QB prospect in this year's draft according to espn. He will be able to bring a new kind of game to New York football and I believe his style of play would suit us well, I love Eli, and I'm certainly not saying replace him. But if he has another season like this, then it may be time to start looking elsewhere. And this is the QB i'd want.