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First 2 picks of the draft should be offensive linemen

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    This year the Giants can't afford to draft best available. They have to draft according to need as well. They need O linemen it is a glaring weakness as we saw this year. I think an OLB is needed as well if they can get Mack or Mosley in the 1st round then I saw take them. After that go for OL then a CB and after that I would go DT again late in the draft and try for the kid from Wisconsin Beau Allen. Big and strong not a great pass rusher but stout against the run and good at collapsing the pocket. Basically he would allow us to keep that size in the interior of the DL like we had this year with Joseph,Rogers,Hankins and Patterson. Not gonna have Rogers and possibly Joseph next year. The only guarantee's are Hankins,Jenkins and Kuhn if healthy


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      OL isn't the only need the Giants have.
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        Originally posted by TheEnigma View Post
        We need help on the interior of the OL and there isn't really a G/C talented enough to be selected at our range with the 1st pick. I can understand people wanting to go with an OT then but I don't see a franchise like the Giants giving up on Beatty a year after his contract or moving Pugh inside when he did admirable at RT. A 2nd round (still a top 50 draft prospect which is GOOD) pick for the interior would be welcome as if you recall, Snee was a 2nd round pick and ended up becoming one of the best Guards this franchise has seen.

        As for the offensive line and playoffs comment, I see at least 3 of those teams that have offensive line issues on the same level as ours (Seahawks, Dolphins, Colts) but the difference is that they are getting good play from either the QB and/or DL spots to offset that problem. That isn't the case for the Giants.
        Iwouldn't put the seahawks on the same level as our o-line. They haven't been great but not as atrocious as our o-line. In the 25 years I've been watching Giants football I can't recall our o-line being as bad as it was this year. We need to fix the interior through free agency and then go BPA in the draft. Another year like that and Eli won't even finish half the season. Our run game was dead last this year too.


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          They need help all over. They where horrible at getting to the QB this year. They need another DE. Other than Prince who do they have at CB? LB's? They should have some money for FA this year so maybe they grab a FA OL and draft ones in the top 4 rounds.


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            OL may not be the only need the Giants have but it is the BIGGEST need !!!!!! Besides that we need a good OLB. We could use another DT especially if they don't resign Linval joseph or Mike Patterson. Hankins Jenkins and Kuhn isn't enough and they need to stay relatively young at DT and keep the size they went for this year. That's why I think a late round pick of Beau Allen from Wisconsin who is tremendously strong and stout at the point of attack. He requires a double team on run plays or he will disrupt the backfield. He is also good at collapsing the pocket on pass plays helping the DE's to get sacks. At 6'3 335 he has the exact size the Giants want to continue to stop the run.


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              I totally agree. If a guard is good enough to be a first round pick i DONT CARE if we have to "reach" to get him. I've looked at some recent drafts and time and time again we passed on players in the mid-late 1st round because they were "reaches" yet whoever snagged them in the back end of the first round or early-mid second round got a pro bowl player. Everyone knew these guys were good but because they weren't tackles or QB's they fell. If there is a guard with pro bowl potential YOU TAKE HIM, because some other team will take him in the 20s and get a pro bowler player.

              Players we should've taken: 2009 draft- Max Unger- Best available center and current pro bowler I'm sure we'd LOVE to have him now but he fell because he's only a center. Could've had him over CLINT SINTIM, PEOPLE!!

              Same with Louis Vasquez- pro bowler and the SECOND guard taken in the draft- fell to the third round bc he's "only" a guard.