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Who best fits in McAdoo/Langdorf system?

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  • Who best fits in McAdoo/Langdorf system?

    Now that we have an idea of where the offense is headed, what prospects are a good fit?

    I saw in another thread Redeye thought Amaro fits well. Seems like we need a pass catching RB too (assuming DW isn't healthy) -- maybe a guy like DeAnthony Thomas?

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    Oregon State used the RB's and TE's a lot in the passing game, while not 1 guy had a lot of catches they spread the ball between the personnel they had. They have a very good and varied screen game and it basically replaced their running game this season because of injuries . Multiple TE and Back sets were utilized often. This does not look like a Coughlin hire its look like the OC is calling the shots on that side of the ball