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  • my mock draft

    I don't think think the giants go into any draft looking to pick any particular player but assign rounds to where a player is valued.

    1st. round. Mathews, OT. Lewan, OT. Evens, Wr. Gilbert, CB. I think one of these players will be available at 12 when we pick. But only if all three QB's are drafted ahead of us. If none were available, I would not be shocked if we trade down a handful of picks and draft Kony Ealy while collecting an extra second rounder. I don't like Ebon as a prospect. I think he is soft and not mentally tough. I want my TE to have more of an OL mentality than a WR.

    2nd round. Joyner, Secondary. Yankey, G. Shazeir, OLB. I love Joyner as a prospect! His lacks of size means he might have a Bob Sanders type of career. Short but very sweet. He might not make it to a second contract but he will be an All Pro/Defensive player of the year candidate while he's healthy.

    3rd round. I think we can find great value in Wr, TE, C, DE, in this round.

    4th round. RB! I think this round is the goldie lock zone for rb's. I can see Andre Williams, Sankey, Hill, all being options in this round. I'd love to get Williams in this round. He is the Brandon Jacobs of this draft. He is a BC kid too, so you know coach knows everything about him. I think he brings something to our running game that was missing last year without Bradshaw, toughness - physical and mental.

    5-6th round. Because of all the underclassmen, this draft if very deep. They will be pushing down a lot of good senior FOOTBALL players. I think the giants should focus on proven players in the later rounds. More than the "hight, weight, speed" guys they have gone for lately. I feel like we draft crappy project cornerbacks in these rounds every year that don't pan out. Let's try bringing in some overachievers rather than underachievers for once. I would take out David Dehls scouting profile and tell all our scouts these are the traits we are looking for in late round offensive linemen. Let's focus our later round picks on "grunt's" that the staff can coach up, than skill players that have all the measurables in the world but at best will be practice squad fodder.

    I know this mock is more of a philosophical approach to the draft than a straight up "this is who you draft when your number is called" approach. I just find those mocks, while fun, a bit illogical.

    Let me know where you agree and disagree with me.

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    Great mock.. I like how you gave 37 options for each round


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      Originally posted by Carter.525 View Post
      Great mock.. I like how you gave 37 options for each round
      Hahahaha!! So is the 6th rd where we take a senior?? Lol


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        Every mock is b.s because a third of the teams don't even pick in their allocated spot when all is said and done. So instead of pretending to be clairvoyant, like every mock draft pretends to be. I'm trying to see how folks philosophically approach the draft, the players and the rounds.


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          thatnicca56 the giants like underclassmen with high upside early in the draft, which i agree with. In the later rounds they go for "hight, weight, speed" guys. I don't agree with this approach. I'd rather take guys that don't have the proper measurables but are team captains, and a little more refined for their position so we can receive more immediate dividends. I think the giants would be better off drafting the tyler sash's of the world than the stoney woodsons.


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            This almost sucked all the fun out of doing a mock draft.
            Life is like a Giants game, you never know what you are going to get.