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Now that the FA has filled up the gaps ,could the stage be set to draft a TE and QB?

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    Originally posted by B&RWarrior View Post
    If Bridgewater dropped to #12 should we take him?
    finally a good question for this thread.


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      Originally posted by Delicreep View Post

      I think you will be severely disappointed, as you have been for the last decade.
      thats what you said before we traded up to grab nas. reese made the statement and i believe he would if one slipped to us.


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        Originally posted by FBomb View Post
        You want to watch this board COMPLETELY lose it's ****?
        that would make me chuckle, im wondering about these posters that calling me troll and not a giant fan actually read my positive stufff on reese and the offseason and also some of our pick ups in FA. i think a certain group just like to argue and disregard the positive stuff. also all im saying here is it seems will have the luxury to pick BPA even more now as reese has done wonderfully this off season


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          Originally posted by Harooni View Post
          I think with the major concerns addressed we have the luxury of drafting Best Available and i think TE and QB might be on the radar early , any thoughts?
          I belive and hope Eli will be our starting qb the next 4-6 years, but if there is a top qb we like in the draft at 12, we get a good backup plan, if Eli can't stop the interception records or gets hurt. If Eli comeback back strong, we have a good backup or maybe a good qb to trade.

          I don't hope we draft a qb in this draft, I say o-line again this year in the first round, we need to give our qb a fair chance to stay on his feet and win.

          We need a TE or two, I just don't like it in the first round.
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