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  • BigBlue's Final Mock Draft

    Round 1.Aaron Donald DT Pitt- Great pass rusher who can play the run, seems to be the next geno atkins, he impresses everywhere he performs. I really think building from the inside will help our pass rushers on the outside,especially the pass rusher damontre moore

    Round 2.Kareem Martin DE North Car.- Very good run defender that compares to Justin Tuck, can also bring pass rush (11 sacks) excluding bowl game.Giants like having lots of de's i think kiwi will leave and JPP and moore have injury histories.

    Round 3.Jarvis Landry WR LSU- I do think he falls a bit in this very deep receiver class. He is not a burner and his 40 times can repel some people but i dont care, he is a great catcher who finds seperation and has the toughness to go up and get balls as well as running after the catch. He is compared to Cruz , decker, and keenan allen.

    Round 4.Christian Jones Lb FSU- Excellent athlete who has a large playmaking range on the field and can also go into coverage. Great linebacker trio with Beason and mcclain

    Round 5.Brian Stork OC FSU.-Very solid "tenacious and technically sound" center who played a huge role in the running game success of FSU.He excells as a pass blocker, maybe ELI could have some more time especially not coming right down the middle like last year.

    Round 5.Cody Latimer WR Indiana-Giants have shown interest in this good sized receiver (6'3 215 lbs) He possesses great speed along with a 39 inch vertical leap, I think he has lots of potential because he had most of his career stats in his final season

    Round 6.Gator Hoskins TE Marshall- I think we keep Adrien Robinson as our big in-line tight end who does the blocking but i do think our playbooks will include 2 TE sets. This would be perfect for this dude to come in. He had 821 receiving yards and 15 touchdowns last year.IMPRESSIVE

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    1st 2 picks are excellent.. Big fan of both Donald & Martin.. Latimer as well though after his pro day, he might not even be there in the 4th


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      Man the buzz around Latimer is crazy. Heard now second round after pro day and finally healthy. Like the mock though.


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        Jeez, everyone now jumping on my Donald-Martin bandwagon, lol.


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          Originally posted by TheAnalyst View Post
          Jeez, everyone now jumping on my Donald-Martin bandwagon, lol.


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            I like it, Id just change 2 WRs to one and add a RB, maybe go TE in the third over WR.
            2017 Draft Wishlist:
            1. Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford
            2. Raekwon McMillan ILB Ohio State
            3. Roderick Johnson OT Florida State
            4. Jordan Leggett TE Clemson
            5. Ryan Glasgow DT Michegan
            6. Chad Kelly QB Ole Miss
            7. Billy Brown WR Shepherd

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              With the issues on offense I really have a hard time seeing the G'men taking D with their first two picks. Additionally, I've seen some Mocks with Landry going in the 5th; so 3rd in my mind is a reach. Believe we need to take a TE higher than the sixth to get someone that has any hope of playing (C.J. Fiedorowicz is about as far down as i think you can go).

              Question, why not Barr….


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                I LOVE your 1st 2 picks, if we can walk away from the draft with Donald and K-Mart our DL will get a new life.
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                  Compared to Cruz Decker and Keenan Allen? thats like 3 completely different WRs haha