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Ebron unless Clowney falls

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    Originally posted by rainierjef View Post
    Nah man…. I watched the tape he is not a good inline blocker, He will have 1-2 great blocks a game. And those drop passes were focus drops, they balls were in his hands and his eyes were either up field or on the incoming defender. Yes their were some high balls that you can question, but Ebron is good for 1-2 circus catches a game at high points you would think he can bring those errant passes down.

    Nothing against the player, just not at 12.

    Seriously we, including myself are forcing the subject of Ebron ad nauseam, its going to the point where people are going to hate talking about him to the point of they will loathe the pick or he forms a almost homerish following where he is the best prospect since V.Davis
    yeah i mean im not opposed to not selecting him i wouldnt mind Donald or Evans or Nix honestly too, i just really think the way the offense is set up as of now theyre leaving an offensive weapon as their only choice really. i honestly just cant see the Giants starting the season with Davis or Robinson starting at TE or a day 2 pick starting at TE. Coughlin already hates starting rookies, so if you're going to make him start one gonna have to make it a 1st rounder who youre expecting to contribute, not a later round pick