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    Originally posted by gibril28wilson View Post
    1. Texans - Clowney
    2. Rams - Watkins
    3. Jaguars - Mr. Football
    4. Browns- Bortles
    5. Raiders - Mack
    6. Falcons - Robinson
    7. Bucs - Evans
    8. Vikings - Bridgewater
    9. Bills - Matthews
    10. Lions - Gilbert
    11. Titans - Lewan
    12. Giants - Ebron

    what do you guys think? think it could play out like this?

    EDIT: i had Donald here, but just the thought of how we really only have Jennings, Cruz, maybe Randle as offensive threats and we could really use something to help there. i would prefer Donald as a overall player, but this offense could really use the help Ebron would bring it. I really dont think theres a way we go onto the season with Kellen Davis as starting TE and im not sure Coughlin would start any rookie TE besides a 1st round pick
    I would not be surprised if Ebron is picked by the Giants with the 12th pick but the idea of having the opportunity to dtaft this years best DT could be the determining factor. Still could get great value and starter quality in the 2-3rd round at TE.
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      I'll put it this way. . .if Ebron is there at 11, I doubt any teams will "swoop-in" (trade up) and take Ebron before we pick. He just doesn't strike me as a Giants' type of player, and I doubt McAdoo will have any sway on draft day.

      About the only player I could see a team leapfrogging us for is Lewan. Our needs at OLine are glaring, and he's prototypical Giants' material. Maybe Donald, but with Fewell, Giants' DT's seem to be getting bigger. . .not smaller.