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NFL Draft Loaded With WR Talent

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    Cooks is not a good fit right now, he's another Cruz type of reciever. We need an Evans, Mathews, Moncreif, Latimer, or Coleman type of guy
    2017 Draft Wishlist:
    1. Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford
    2. Raekwon McMillan ILB Ohio State
    3. Roderick Johnson OT Florida State
    4. Jordan Leggett TE Clemson
    5. Ryan Glasgow DT Michegan
    6. Chad Kelly QB Ole Miss
    7. Billy Brown WR Shepherd

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      Originally posted by titwio View Post
      Martavis Bryant reminds me of the Stephen Hill of this draft class. Freakish type measurable guy who is really raw. A boom/bust pick for sure.
      He looks much smoother than Hill to me. The big knock on him appears to be his IQ -- scouts really questioning his intelligence -- ability to understand offensive concepts and reads.

      Watching some game film of the guy -- he is a big/fast/smooth athlete.

      One scout commented that Clemson offense was a very poor fit for him and that his production was greatly reduced by S-Watkins presence. Scout said that Raven type deep-ball offense is built for Bryant. If we could grab this kid in 3rd round I'd be ok with that -- not sure we have enough of a WR need to grab him earlier than that but he'd be a nice depth pick at #73.


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        Originally posted by Captain Chaos View Post
        Niklas reminds be of Bavaro, so what's not to like!
        Me too.


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          Originally posted by tonyt830 View Post
          Hey who knows, maybe Reese has Matthews ranked over Benjamin. I would be ok with Matthews in the 2nd rd. He is a very good WR, great work ethic and a high character guy
          I really was not impressed with Matthews in the Senior Bowl week/game -- did not look explosive or seem to create separation -- I like the M-Bryant (Clemson) kids upside much more.