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Movin' On Up - Why?

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  • Movin' On Up - Why?

    This post is not about whether they would ever move up or down, but a what if they would and for what dynamic player that could fill an immediate role.

    Which player would the Giants consider moving up in the draft to get?
    I think receiver as in Clemson's Watkins or possibly Oline LT Matthews

    Any player better than those two who would motivate such a move?

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    It would be worth to move up for Watkins. I don't think we will but this guy is a game changer. His open field speed is unreal. He has good hands. They have him slated to go to TB. I doubt they will trade their pick away to go higher, well that, and the fact that we have Randle who could be just what we need.

    apart from Watkins... Clowney is a pipe-dream.

    Stand with Cruz!