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Taylor Lewan, Potential Giants' Draft Target, Pushes Court Date Until After Draft

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    Originally posted by Boogie12 View Post
    How do you know others haven't been charged? Besides the obvious fact that those kids aren't getting drafted I find it impossible to comprehend during this bar fight Lewan was the only one they charged.
    Who cares who else was charged? What does that have to do with anything?


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      Originally posted by Boogie12 View Post
      It is exactly the point when you are looking to draft him..lots of teams have him on their board and very high I may add. That's why every team in a position to take him and is considering him will be looking very carefully. and that includes the giants if they indeed want him.
      Let's not assume the legal course here most won't understand and judging by the comments most didn't understand what was happening. Assuming that JR has intrest or not is another matter, again I'm pointing out the legal course of action which most don't get not if he's draft able. He certainly has the talent it's all in his head.
      no youre not getting the point lol. im not talking about the specifics in the legal issue or what exactly he did. fact is the kid has legal issues and court dates ahead. please name me the last time the Giants selected someone with legal issues in the first round? we all know the Giants avoid these type of situations. they are not going to dive in and use their highest pick in 10 years on a guy who has pending legal charges. Esp with a lot of people on the hot seat. were not the seahawks where we have the luxary of just drafting a kid and if he doesnt pan out were still a top team. we need this guy to contribute right away and the Giants arent going to use their #12 overall pick on a kid who has legal issues.

      just name me 1 person the Giants have selected in the 1st round who had pending legal issues ?


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        I personally think Lewan would be a good pick, based on his performance on the field. But I honestly don't care enough to track down his legal issues and things he may have emotionally said when he was 18.

        That's part of the job of the NFL teams who might want to pick him.

        If the Giants pick him, I'll be confident that he can help us out moving forward, and if not, then I'm fine with that too. As much as I like him, there are plenty of other players out there that I like also (most notably Dennard and Zach Martin).