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Am I Wrong In Thinking DTs Are Easy To Find?

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  • Am I Wrong In Thinking DTs Are Easy To Find?

    As a Giant fan, I can't say we've ever been particularly weak at DT. I'm not an Xs and Os and type of guy, but we've usually held up well against the run for the most part. Keith Hamilton was stout for us and he was a 4th round pick. We've lost good DTs over the years to the Redskins like Cornelius Griffin and Barry Cofield, but both guys were replaced and were mid-round picks themselves. We signed guys like Jenkins, Patterson, and Rogers to cheap deals last year, and all of them contributed. Linval Joseph was a 2nd rounder and he was our best. The last time I remember us actually taking a 1st round DT was William Joseph, who was a bust.

    In recent years, some of the best DTs have been guys like Geno Atkins(4th round pick), Henry Melton(4th round pick),Jay Ratliff(7th round pick), Kyle Williams(5th round pick), Jason Hatcher(3rd round pick). Granted, there was stud DTs like Suh, McCoy, Poe, Ngata, and Dareus. But it seems to me you can find DTs later in the draft.

    I'm not saying Aaron Donald isn't a stud or potential stud, but does he have the draft profile of the elite guys? If so, how come he's not talked about as going higher? Is their not the usual value DTs to find in this draft in later rounds? I'm not against taking Donald, but the more I think, the less I feel we would really hurt not selecting him.

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    Well, I would agree with you in the value of the position compared to other passrushers. I remember Bill Parcells lamenting these early DT picks.

    Still, the Giants' defense runs better with solid play from their interior. That 2008 line with Robbins playing out of his mind was the best I've seen it in recent years. I think he was just as important if not more than Tuck that season. We've also seen it crumble when they had to rely on the likes of Rocky Bernard, Marvin Austin and Markus Kuhn when Canty was injured [which he was a lot]. Lastly, there are exceptions in regards to the actual player itself. I can't remember another DT prospect with the burst of Donald in some time.


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      I like Nix, Hageman, and Jernigan.
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        You can find solid guys anywhere in the draft, but atkins is the only great DT i can think of right now that was a mid-late pick...
        nobody can sit here & tell me as of now, aaron donald isnt a man amongst boys as far as DTs go in the draft....


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          A handful of good later round DTs just show how rare it is to find one.

          Look at how many later round DTs have been drafted. Hundreds


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            A disruptive force like Donald on the inside is not something that is easily found...


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              Originally posted by nygon3 View Post
              I like Nix, Hageman, and Jernigan.
              They are all a reach at 12 though. Donald is not and has more upside.
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