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Who will the Texans/Seahawks/Broncos Draft?

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  • Who will the Texans/Seahawks/Broncos Draft?

    Hey Everyone,

    New here and dint realize there was a forum for pretty much everything football as well as the Giants! Well long story short for my final reject in Sports class is to perform the draft of the first three rounds for Houston Texans, Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. After extensive research especially with bleacher report as well as following team accounts on twitter and there team reporters I have come to a conclusion. Im just asking opinions for the first round as it will defiantly get very complicated in the second and third round. I get points if getting the position right and MAX amount of points if I get the actual player right.

    Houston Texans will select a QB---Blake Bortles. Im riding the bottles train simply because O'Brian seemed interested in him more and had relations with him off the field in college if not mistaken. Also QB is one of there biggest needs right now, any landing a potential franchise QB will defiantly be more important to O'brian for his future as well as for the texans.

    Seattle Seahawks- will select some kind of o lineman most likely OT since they lost Giacomini to the Jets and haven't done anything free agency pertaining to the the position only to the Guard Position. Think Zack Martin will be picked.

    Denver Broncos- will select a CB Kyle Fuller going with this because even tho with Aquib Talib and Rising star Chris Harris have great potential to fill the role possibility of injury could lead to needing a solid replacement.Also with Bailey and DRC out more of a push for a CB...especially another sign is that they have Kyle Fuller Visiting soon. Also the fact that Seattle showed how vital a secondary can be especially in the playoffs...

    What do you guys think? Opinions advice greatly appreciated! Since I decided on gambling on three teams instead of 2 the lowest grade I can possibly get is a 75/100 but would rather see me get one pick right as that will boost it to the 80s possibly 90s.

    Thanks A Million!!

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    Texans- One beat write says no doubt they'll draft a QB but I just can't imagine them taking one b/c of the risk I think they go clowney

    Seahawks- Will either go OL or WR/TE I could see them drafting xavier su'a filo-G or Kelvin Benjamin WR

    Broncos- After getting beat up in the SB i think they'll go OL with DAvid Yankey


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      Can only see Texans taking Clowney. No QB worth no1 pick this year


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        Texans... Clowney
        Broncos... Fuller
        Seahawks-... Su'a-Filo


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          Texans- Clowney.. no brainer. If they really want a QB I think they go Bridgewater over the others.

          Broncos- Jason Verret.. CB is biggest need after getting toasted in the Bowl. LB is another area of need so If Mosley is still there or Shazier, I don't see them passing them up.

          Seahawks- Kelvin Benjamin.. they are going to be hurting with Rice and Tate gone and no good TE. If they don't go reciever, I could see a nice TE pickup to accommodate Carroll's west coast attack, Amaro would fit well here. I could see them going CB too if someone worthy falls.
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          7. Billy Brown WR Shepherd

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            Texans: Clowney or Bortles.

            Broncos: CB or LB

            Seahawks: OL or WR
            One of these teams is not like the others



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              Hey thanks for the tips, Texans so far still going with my gut on texans going with clowned, if I get one draft pick position right at least that alone will give me a ton of points lol.

              Like some of you have said, I personally don't think any Qbs are worth the value of number one pick and possibly not even in the top 5

              Have a weird feeling Texans if they don't trade pick up Mack


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                Originally posted by Krusty View Post
                Can only see Texans taking Clowney. No QB worth no1 pick this year
                This. It would be extremely tough for a team to pass on a player as talented as Clowney so they can take any of these QBs. This is just a pretty weak QB class. At least with Clowney you add to what can become a very scary defense. Normal QBs can't come in right away and contribute and I think this class will take longer than normal, so they won't help this year anyway. I think they role the dice with Fitz, a sick running game, sick WRs and a very solid Defense.

                Seattle and Broncos are more difficult. Seahawks are likely to take a DB or a OL. I like your thought with Martin, but don't think he will be there. I like them taking Dennard if Martin is no longer on the board.

                Broncos don't have many holes to fill so I think they have the luxury to take what ever they want. I can see them taking Carlos Hyde at RB. The window to win with Peyton won't be open forever and they need someone that can contribute this year.
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                  Texans go DE Jade Clowney
                  Broncos go CB Jay Verrett
                  Seahawks go WR Al Robinson