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Giants' Draft 2014: 3 Jersey Prospects Gear Up For Local Workout Day

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  • Giants' Draft 2014: 3 Jersey Prospects Gear Up For Local Workout Day

    Excerpt: "By the time Mike McLafferty, Gavin McCarney and Mike Naples were ready to work out Wednesday, a horde of high school students began rolling out of Somerville High School in search for a place to eat their lunch in the sun.

    About 20, nestled in small packs of four and five, chose the other end of the artificial turf field, leaving the three NFL prospects with about 50 yards of space to throw. McCarney, a Jefferson Township grad, is a quarterback who just finished his senior season at Colgate. McLafferty (Monmouth, War Memorial High School) and Naples (Boston College, Somerville High School) are both tight ends.

    Together, they represent the majority of NFL hopefuls -- sub-division standouts and under-the-radar prospects who will sit firmly outside the ever-churning conversation surrounding the 2014 NFL Draft. They will travel in packs at a moment’s notice to work out, and may sign with a team that never expressed any interest to fill a need in training camp. They abide, faithfully, by the NFL axiom that keeps everyone grounded around these parts: All it takes is one team.

    “I called the athletic director, he said it was no problem,” Naples said about getting the last-minute field space Wednesday. It was the first time he’d met either of the two players he’d be working out with. “They’re always willing to help out.”

    The 30-minute throw-and-catch, led by McCarney, a 6-1 dual-threat passer who kept a battery of routes stored on his iPhone, was a tune up. There was a good chance none of the kids orbiting the field knew they were watching potential draftees. In an offseason full of uncertainty, they were less than 24 hours away from their biggest job interview to date.

    “All I’m looking for is that one shot, that one chance,” McCarney said." Read more..
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