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Last Nights Title Game.... Who made themselves some Money!!

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  • Last Nights Title Game.... Who made themselves some Money!!


    Dre Kirkpatrick.... Played awesome and may have solidified his top 20 ranking

    Dequan Menzie.... really did a nice job shedding blocks and making plays in the backfield....

    Donte Hightower.... Impressive vision and shows the ability to rush the passer when needed.

    Courtney Upshaw.... he wont fit our defense... but he was all over the place!!! reminds me of Demarcus Ware.

    AJ McCarron... He he continues to progress, we are looking at a #1 overall pick. Good athlete and really showed the ability to throw the ball.

    Eddie Lacy... this may be the third great back to come out of Bama... he looks like a bigger Trent Richardson.


    Eric Reid..... Only person on defense that was making any plays... Good hitter smooth athlete.

    Odell Beckham.... True feshman and is the only receiving threat that LSU has...Ruben Randle (former 5star recruit has been a bust).

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    2014 Draft:
    Round 1 - Eric Ebron, TE - North Carolina
    Round 2 - David Yankey, OG - Stanford
    Round 3 - Allen Robinson, WR - Penn State
    Round 4 - Anthony Johnson, DT - LSU
    Round 5 - Rashaad Reynolds, CB - Oregon State
    Round 6 - Andrew Jackson, ILB - W. Kentucky
    Round 7 - ** Traded for Jon Beason **