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Report: Giants ‘Would Seriously Consider’ Johnny Manziel With 12th Pick

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    Originally posted by Harooni View Post
    many of you have this wrong thinking that a Rookie QB drafted early must play asap , had eli sat for a while he may not have developed some of the poor habits and mechanics he has today by being thrown in so fast. its good for a young QB to sit for a few years and learn provided that coach is not stubborn and gives him mop up duty and time in when the season is mathematically over.
    Stop it
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      Originally posted by GameTime View Post
      bashing eli in a draft thread.....nice one.....
      0not that way anymore....not for first rounders anyway
      thats not bashing eli if anything its giving him an excuse for some poor habits.

      there is nothing wrong with a QB developing and working in ,in a few years. it still is done even with first rounders like rodgers.