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    Originally posted by Eliordie View Post

    Though maybe I should still hold out hope for my out of this world pipe dream that Derek Carr comes over when his contract with the raiders is up lmao I remember that year he was drafted being adamant the Texans should take him #1 overall with no hesitation (god GMs are so bad) but his brother loves us and gushes over us any chance he gets on NFLN, maybe he can convince him to come over lol easily my 2nd fav QB in the league right now

    Really 1 of maybe 2 guys currently in the league that I would accept one day taking over for Manning, the other being Luck... honestly can't think of 1 other guy in the league Id want besides them.. edit: actually on 2nd thought I do like Wentz a bit too
    lol that would be something but highly unlikely, plus i do want to see oakland succede for next alf decade or so.

    how about another crazy theory. Andrew Luck gets tired of how poorly Indy is run and demands a trade. Luck to the giants in 2019 baby lol.

    ok, enough about dream scenarios, i doubt Deshaun Watson is there when we pick(i think Cleavland should take him and build a good young team with all the picks they have) but even if he is, we should focus on the now and get someone who could help this team NOW. McCaffrey, Lamp, Red****, someone who will have an impact on the team in 2017.