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NFL Draft Trade Chart

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  • NFL Draft Trade Chart

    Here's a current draft trade chart in case anyone is interested.

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    Interestingly enough, by chart value alone we got the better deal on the trade for Eli with SD which would equate to a early 3rd round pick.

    Of course when you consider the team's success; we really cleaned up.


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      In my opinion, the chart is ok as a standard but the I think one weakness is that the depth in the draft class is different from year to year. One year, the drop-off in pro-bowl potential talent could be after top 10, another year it could be after the top 20 or the first round. You can have 4-5 legitimate starting NFL caliber QBs in a draft. Most of the time it's 2-3, then there's a year when there is no good NFL QBs like 2013. Then, the other factor is how the draft goes the day of. If there's a run on particular positions, draft position values are going to change because the leverage changes.

      Basically, the No. 10 pick should not always be 11.47 points ahead of the No. 11 pick. It's a good standard though.


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        Interestingly enough the Bears come out ahead of the 49'ers using this chart.

        I thought it was a no brainer in favor of the 49'ers but it wasn't based on the value placed on those picks.