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BIGGEST Steals of the 2017 NFL Draft, who ya got?!

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    Originally posted by bigpoppy View Post
    Chad Kelly 2017s Mr. Irrelevant, final pick of the entire draft #253
    Denver Broncos

    appears that the injuries were the real reason he dropped so far......... bummer.... was looking forward to seeing what he had..will have to wait a year it seems


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      Originally posted by bigpoppy View Post
      dontae formen arrested!

      who wanted the g-men to draft foreman?

      I did.


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        Originally posted by Gee718 View Post

        I did.

        yeah i hear ya...talent wise... gallman was not even on my radar, if i'm being honest....

        james connor getting lots of attention at pitt. a few on the board were high on him also. kareem hunt doing well from what i've read also.


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          rookie Wr Chris Goodwin getting some attention for the loaded tampa bay offense


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            Christian Mccaffrey.... dude may be quicker than OBJ...for real.... carolina should use him as a WR, not just at RB i would imagine.

            that play is silly, along with the one where he beats luke keachly

            dude has ridiculous potential ... so i'm putting the number 5 overall pick, Christian Mccaffrey as an underrated steal

            would you rather have mitch trubisky at 2? LOL


            PS remember when all the mock drafts had him dropping to 23 and media dopes and fans were debating whether he should be the pick at 23?
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              alvin kamara looks to be potentially a huge steal at 67



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                every single 2017 draft pick!


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                  David Njoku is currently 3rd string TE apparently, after struggling with blocks and having drops in training camp ............ who wanted to draft him at 23? you know who you are!

                  David Njoku, TE, Browns

                  Njoku has had a bit of a rough time in training camp, channeling the same issues Ebron had as a rookie receiver at the position with little blocking polish. He's fallen behind both Randall Telfer and Seth DeValve in the eyes of Hue Jackson. Njoku still figures to have an impact, but the hype has put on ice. No more than TE2



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                    David Njoku to play in game against the NYG on Monday night preseason football!


                    Engram versus Njoku head to head! should be fun!


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                      shaquill griffin CB third round at 90 seahawks making some early noise runs a 4.38, 40 yard dash.