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Pre Combine Mock 5 rounds.

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  • Pre Combine Mock 5 rounds.

    Let's get to it.

    Round 1- Zach Brown LB- drafting 32 is all about "potential" you need a guy that could give you the biggest bang for your buck so we talk the athletic freak at LB. This move gives us even more athleticism at LB and allows us to move Kiwi back to DE and probably play a. More traditional base 4-3.

    Round 2- Kevin Zeitler OG- monster on the inside that does an outstanding Job in run blocking. Deihl is most likely gone the inside is an area of need.

    Round 3- Micheal Egnew- tall athletic TE that can add a new dimension to the passing game. Has ability that reminds me of Jimmy Graham.

    Round 4- James Micheal-Johnson- Ok I'll admit that this pick is a little more personal. This guy reminds me of John Beason a lot with his quickness, coverage ability, and instincts. Add him and we might end up with the most athletic LB core in the NFL.

    Round 5- Donnie Fletcher CB- Corner with nice sized frame and long arms. Plays well in off zone and can redirect receivers. Adds much needed depth to our corner spot.

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    Re: Pre Combine Mock 5 rounds.

    If Zach Brown moves anyone off from the starting LB position, it will be Boley/JWill, definitely not Kiwi.


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      Re: Pre Combine Mock 5 rounds.

      Only way Kiwi goes back down to DE is if we trade Osi... With that said, if he does get traded, than drafting Brown is a viable option. I dont think it is going to happen though. I think the Giants are pleased with J-Willand his ability to make plays on the outside. OLB in the later rounds seems more realistic.
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