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pre-combine mock 2.0

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  • pre-combine mock 2.0

    Well heres updated.

    round 1- Coby Fleener - Big Body TE from Stanford, will need to put on weight, but can become an inline TE who can run and has great hands

    round 2 - Amini SIlatolu - Big OL from Midwestern State. A bit shorter than you would want from a tackle, but if he shows he has long enough arms at the combine, then I think he can play RT. He moves really well for his size, pulls and traps well, can hit guys at the 2nd and 3rd level well, and is a complete mauler, finishes every play hard. If he cant play RT because of his size limitations, you have your starting LG for the next 10 years.

    round 3 - Malik Jackson - DE - Tennessee, has the size and natural talent the giants always look for on the DL. Jackson played everywhere on the DL in tennessee, and has become a very good pass rusher inside and outside. Exactly the kind of versatility the giants look for.

    round 4- LaMichael James- HB - Oregon Versatile playmaking HB who looks like he could become a great receiving HB as well, willing blocker, but will need to add some size to be trusted on 3rd downs. Reminds me a bit of Brian Westbrook physically

    round 5 - Tysyn Hartman, S - Kansas State - big physical Safety. Good in the box, shows some man coverage ability, has what seems like pretty good range, and has shown the ability to make big plays. (10 career interceptions). I watched his game against Texas Tech this year (you tell me why it was broadcast in florida?) and it was pretty impressive, he was all over the field.

    round 6 - Derek Wolfe - DT - Cincy. Was originally an offensive linemen, but moved to Defensive tackle his first season. Has a motor, and has been really productive, had 21.5 tackles for a loss and 9.5 sacks his senior season. But since he is somewhat new to the position hes still very raw and streaky, forgets how to use his arms, and does show a bit of stiffness when he plays.

    round 7 - Andrew Datko - OT - Florida State. Big OT (6'6 330) who moves really well, but has had medical issues (multiple shoulder surgeries) and has some lower body stiffness and doesnt always bend well. But if he does clear medically, he has the ability to be a potential starting tackle. Especially if he can add some power and works on bending at the knees

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    Re: pre-combine mock 2.0

    I think its pretty doubtful Wolfe the reigning Big east Defensive player of the year will be available that late as well as LMJ in the 4th...otherwise its a nice selection of talent


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      Re: pre-combine mock 2.0

      1) Love Fleener and I honestly think this is our pick in the first barring an amazing drop like we had last year.

      2) Really interesting. I'm a big fan of the Pineapple Express in general and I'd love this guy if he can convert to a RT. Seems like he has the ability to do so and might even be more ideal against the OLBs of the league that like to switch up sides (i,e. Clay Matthews, Ware, etc ...). I like it.

      3) Bit of a reach here and I'm not a big fan of DEs that get blown off the ball. I like his speed here but he seems like a poor man's Tuck to me without the overall polish that Tuck brings.

      4) I like this kid a lot. No way he's there on Day 2 (imo).

      5) I like Hartman's size but not crazy about his speed. Would really depend on his acceleration and instincts (both of which it sounds like he has). If he has those, I like the pick.

      6) Not crazy about Wolfe. Doesn't have great size (would need to add 20+ lbs which I'm not sure he could play at). Not horrible, but doesn't excite me as a project.

      7) If medically cleared, I like him. Shoulders usually aren't a career ending/threatening issue but given his stature (plays tall) I'd need to know his shoulder is at or could be 100% in the near future. Great project if it is.
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