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FlimFlam's Eff'd Up Mock 1.0

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  • FlimFlam's Eff'd Up Mock 1.0

    1-Coby Fleener-TE-Stanford
    2-Chase Minnifield-CB-VT
    3-Markelle Martin-S-Ok St.
    4-James Brown-OT-Troy
    5-Audie Cole, ILB-NC St.
    6-Devon Wylie-WR-Fresno St.
    7-Lucas Nix-OG-Pitt
    8-Mihkail Marniovich-DE-Syracuse

    Edit: I will put some comments and scouting in later. Too tired right now.

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    Re: FlimFlam's Eff'd Up Mock 1.0

    1) Yes (although supposedly there's a lot of downer talk on all TEs now that the Combine is running)

    2) Good pick ... probably won't be available at #64 (depending on if he's REALLY 6' or 5'10).

    3) Another good pick and again probably won't be available with the #96 pick (you're nailing guys about a third of a round up from where they're due to go). Also, both CB and Safety would be depth positions ... probably weaker areas of the team could be addressed on day 1 of the draft.

    4) James Brown (again reaching ahead slightly) isn't a *bad* pick but he has some issues similar to Will Beatty (doesn't play tough, big upper body, smaller body, etc ...). On the plus side he could probably play both OT and OG.

    5) Borderline 3rd round pick ... probably won't be around in the 5th and we're stacked at LB.

    6) Devon Wylie ... excellent pick here.

    7) Lol looking for the project of the draft?
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