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Kruunch's Alternative Mock (w/ comp picks)

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  • Kruunch's Alternative Mock (w/ comp picks)

    Ok for this mock draft, the idea was to pick players I haven't used in other mocks (also to shift the order of position a little).

    For this mock, the Giants are standing pat on LB and using this draft to help with the following areas:

    1) Oline (our biggest need imo)
    2) An Osi replacement for next year.
    3) Our sagging running game
    4) Defensive secondary depth.

    Without further ado:

    1) Kelechi Osemele (OG) - Beastial athletic freak standing 6'6 and weighing in at 330. Played both Guard and Tackle. The kind of raw talent prospect the Giants have taken in the past high up in the draft. His versatility being his first round draft selling point.

    2) Cam Johnson (DE) - Explosive pass rushing play maker. The injury history is a little less troublesome for us since we like to use a DE rotation.

    3) Robert Turbin (RB) - Power runner that is shifty, fast, has good vision, can catch out of the backfield and blocks. But does he do windows?

    4) Josh Norman (CB) - Press cover specialist with typical Giants size for a CB. Slight character issues (Driving on Suspended Lic) drops him to the end fo the 4th for us where we'll be happy to take a chance on him.

    5) Tommy Streeter (WR) - 6'5 and one of the faster receivers in the draft. Good replacement for the Ramses Barden experiment.

    5) Evan Rodriquez (TE/FB) - While I've loved this kid from the get go I don't think I've actually stuck him in a mock yet. Giants stay ghetto with their TE prospects and go with this tweener that showed up in the Top 5 of the measurables for TEs at the Combine.

    6) Tysyn Hartmen (FS) - Great size and speed. Needs technique but that can be taught.

    7) Travian Robertson (DT) - Good solid athelete with explosive power at the snap. Lacks technique but that's what coaching is for!

    7) Jeremiah Warren (OG) - Because we love USF, this kid translates as both an OG and OT (we loves us our versatile players).
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