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  • mock 2.0...closing in

    Some FA news has brought a bit of clarity. JR makes moves to secure the secondary, and Bennett (or another FA TE if he falls through) looks to be the thinking. Love it so far, and it helps the mocking. I'm sure things will change, but as of now, here wego with a simple 7 rounder w/ no comp picks:

    1. Still, DT, Penn St.
    Previously thought to be out of reach, there is chatter that he could slip to us out of no fault of his own. He is an NFL-ready DT from a big time school -- could anything be more JR? The rest of this mock holds true even if he is gone as long as wego with a DT or DE here.

    2. Silatolu, OT/OG, Midwestern St.
    When Slip first mentioned him on these boards I thought he was making up the school Midwestern St. Turns out it is a real school, and this kid has a real chance at being the real deal. Likely turns into a guard, but provides possible versatility that we all know the GIANTS love, and has been essential in recent years. He plays nasty and has upside.

    3. Turbin, RB, Utah St.
    This kid is getting traction on the boards, and I'm glad he is. He tore his ACL in 2010, so you wonder a bit, but he is a super productive back from a small school with all the tools we're looking for -- except maybe that real breakaway speed. BJ or no BJ, RB needs to be addressed, and this kid has serious upside.

    4. Childs, WR, Arkansas
    I normally like healthy kids with potential, so it is strange that I'm mocking back to back prospects coming off knee injuries. That said, Childs was a beast before his torn patella, and he showed some serious skills that will translate even if he is a half-step slower than he was pre-injury. He should be able to compete for the #3 job in his rookie year, and I'd love to see the preseason competition between him and JJ.

    5. Acho, LB, Texas
    One thing I like about this kid is his ability to play either inside or outside. I understand that we have significant LB depth, so why add a 5th rounder to compete? Because the kid is a competitor. He comes from a big-time college program where he was productive and a playmaker and a hard worker. We have a bunch of young LBs -- no ones job is safe. Earn it. Acho likely makes the team on specials, and goes from there.

    6. Bethel, CB, Presbyterian
    6'0, 200 lbs. Top performer in the broad and vert jumps. Athletic, smart, physical, and good in run support. We don't need a CB early in light of the FA signings thus far, but let's face it, in this league no one is ever really 'set' at CB. Take a shot on this small school prospect and see if he can make the big jump.

    7. McCray, SS, Arkansas St.
    We actually do need a S if Grant isn't back and Jones doesn't do the unthinkable. Perhaps this is too late to be picking a need position, but so it goes. This is another -- man, I have a lot of them -- small school guys with upside if skills can translate to the NFL. The kid is 6'2, 202 and ran an impressive 4.54 at the combine. Word on the street is he is a bruising hitter.

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    Re: mock 2.0...closing in

    I like your top 3 picks.

    Planning on signing 2 TEs in FA?
    I don't always root for the Cowboys but when I do I wear my pink Jessica Simpson edition Romo jersey. (yes I lost a bet)


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      Re: mock 2.0...closing in

      Well, we got Bennett, which I think is a good move, and we signed that big (unproven) TE the other day -- so that is 2 FA TEs. Also, we should bring Pascoe and Ballard (likely IR) back, and people seem high on this Christian Hopkins (?) off the practice squad. I think TE is a possible pick, but only if there is someone we like in the 4th or later...


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        Re: mock 2.0...closing in

        Like it alot, but I don't think child's is there end of rd 4.


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          Re: mock 2.0...closing in

          [quote user="BluGiantPies"]Like it alot, but I don't think child's is there end of rd 4.[/quote]

          You're probably right. I was hoping his injury past would scare teams away, but Walter has him mocked at the beginning of the 4th. It's a deep WR class IMO, so maybe someone else is available there (McNutt, Streeter?)