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** Mock Draft 1.2.2013 **

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  • ** Mock Draft 1.2.2013 **

    This is the only thing that we have to look forward too.....

    Round 1 – Alec Ogletree, ILB – Georgia…. Giants have a major weakness at Linebacker, especially in the middle. Blackburn has been serviceable and Herzlich has not proven to be an NFL starter. Ogletree is a beast in the middle, with great instincts.

    Round 2 – Margus Hunt, DE – SMU….. Giant! He is a monster with top-notch athletic ability. He has a non-stop motor, loves to get physical and he has a sweet name. Osi is gone, Tuck can’t stay healthy and JPP cannot do it alone.

    Round 3 – Jesse Williams, DT – Alabama…. Monster in the middle. He is excellent against the run and based off the Giants inability to stop the run this year, he can provide a need. Joseph has turned into a great player, Canty may be nearing the end, Bernard is most likely done and Austin is still trying to learn the NFL game. Williams would be a fantastic addition.

    Round 4 – Jordan Reed, TE – Florida… His game resembles Aaron Hernandez. He is too big for CB’s and too fast for Safeties. Great hands and a great route runner that is still learning the TE position. The Giants have a responsibility to maintain weapons for Eli, while he is playing at this level. Bennett has been a great addition, but he is a FA and may not return. If the Giants can resign Bennett and bring in another weapon like Reed, then this gives Eli so many options.

    Round 5 – Ricky Wagner, OT – Wisconsin…. Montae Ball is statistically one of the great RB’s in NCAA history. There is a reason for that and Wagner was a big part of it. He is a massive guy that does a fantastic job in run blocking. RT is a big need for the Giants. DD is done, Locklear is rehabbing and Brewer is a useless. Wagner would be a great addition.

    Round 6 – Michael Dyer, RB – Arkansas State… Former Auburn standout and one of the top recruits out of High School. He has some off the field issues, but he could really be a steal in the draft. Bradshaw is a tough dude, but he cannot stay healthy. Wilson has been playing well as of late, but he needs to improve quickly. Dyer would just bring another weapon to the backfield.

    Round 7 – Alex Carder, QB – Western Michigan…Excellent passer that could be a nice development project for the Giants. Carr is all but useless on this roster and I question his ability to come off the bench and perform. Bringing in a young kid, that has had some success in football and wants to learn, is something that Giants should look into. Carder lost his top wideout Jordan White last year, so his numbers seem down.
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    2014 Draft:
    Round 1 - Eric Ebron, TE - North Carolina
    Round 2 - David Yankey, OG - Stanford
    Round 3 - Allen Robinson, WR - Penn State
    Round 4 - Anthony Johnson, DT - LSU
    Round 5 - Rashaad Reynolds, CB - Oregon State
    Round 6 - Andrew Jackson, ILB - W. Kentucky
    Round 7 - ** Traded for Jon Beason **

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    Not sure about the Jordan Reed pick after the failed Beckum experiment....An under rated prospect who I think will pick up steam as the draft approaches is Travis Kelce. The guy's a big strong, athletic pass catcher, he honestly reminds me of Rob gronkowski. the guy is coming from the same school as Adrien Robinson, both of them are great athletes, the major difference is Kelce put up numbers on the field...If you can get this guy in the 4th you've got a steal imo


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      love the Hunt pick!! also like Wagner & Williams.. not really sold on Ogletree yet


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        No CB?


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          Reed is a good target but nowhere near the talent as Hernandez. He also drops a lot of balls. We also need a solid cover corner so I would not draft an RB.


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            We're not taking a LB in the 1st unless it's some absolute stud, and that's not Ogletree.


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              Originally posted by JJC7301 View Post
              We're not taking a LB in the 1st unless it's some absolute stud, and that's not Ogletree.
              Kevin minter? The more I dig the more I am impressed with him


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                Only thing about Hunt is he will be 26 when the season starts