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  • NYG Mock 1.3.13

    Round 1

    Johnthan Banks CB Mississippi- For a guy that won the Thorpe award for best CB in the nation he's not even regarded as the best CB in this draft behind Dee Milliner and by combine time will probably fall behind Xavier Rhodes. Banks is a off zone CB that fits Fewell's system perfectly. He has the textbook size and tackling ability that the Giants covet in their DBs and fits the bill of the big name prospect that somehow fall in our lap.

    Round 2

    Alex Okafor DE Texas- Great pass rusher notching 5.5 sacks in his bowl game. Very good at setting the edge and is stout versus the run. He reminds me a lot of Tuck in build and ability.

    Round 3

    Khaseem Greene LB Rutgers- Local guy with good sideline to sideline speed that can get in the backfield and cause havoc. Great in pass coverage and can give us more speed to keep up with RG3.

    Round 4

    Kyle Long OT Oregon- Long is the latest of the Long family players to enter the NFL. A long lean 6"7 312, Long is both big and very athletic able to handle speed rushers with relative ease while keeping bull rusher out of his frame with his long arms. Long is still a bit raw in his technique and has relied more on his natural ability than skill but with a little coaching he could be a star.

    Round 5

    Michael Dyer RB Arkansas State- Talented back that has fallen because of off the field issues. Has the ability to be a star whereever he goes if he can straighten up. I remember watching this guy in amazement when he played in the Underarmor All-American game. He has size and speed and could really be a gem.

    Round 6

    Cory Grissom DT USF- We have a football factory in USF and Grissom with his agility on the interior would be a great project pick.

    Round 7

    Brandon McGee CB Florida- Nice size and plays zone well. Depth pick

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    nice.. 1st 3 pick would be amazing, I hope this is how it goes down.. Long could be a nice project too


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      with the dropoff in DE, i surely doubt that a player of Alex Okafor's capabilities coming off a 4.5 sack bowl game is going to last till midway through RD 2. I'd almost say its impossible to a degree, but being the NFL draft, anything can happen, but very very unlikley...

      Kyle Long is 2 good a prospect to last untill midway through RD 4 as well.. Thats a guy who most thinks a 1st rder next yr if he goes back, so i doubt teams will let em hang around till midway through rd 4..

      Of course i love the draft u made, but mostly because i see it being pretty unrealistic.. If we get this draft, i'll do back flips ala JPP all the way down my street!!!lol


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        Other than banks, we don't have a shot at the 2nd & 3rd picks