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Possible trade with atl?

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  • Possible trade with atl?

    Atl trades first and 2nd pick to move up to 19 to take eifert(let's hope he blows up the combine to make them trade up to take Tony's replacement !)

    1st(31st)- Cb Xavier Rhodes-our secondary is garbage, some of it is scheme, a lot of it is Webster. Prince and jayron give me hope for the future but in a pass happy league you need 3 quality cb's. Rhodes and prince on the outside with hosely on the slot would be very solid.

    2nd-OG Larry Warford- huge road grader that we have never had under TC. They realize something's wrong with our run attack but instead of addressing the oline they go RB early and take projects later for the line. Wilson was a great pick but our oline is getting worse every year and Reese's projects are blowing up in his face.I have seen deandre Hopkins mocked in this area on a bunch of mocks. If he is there I don't see how we pass but I'm sure he will move way up and be gone.

    2nd-OT brennan Williams -see above

    3-DE Brandon Jenkins-would really like to see kiwi move back to De but sadly they have already screwed up his career so I doubt they try to rectify it now. We need help on the dline and Jenkins would be a great compliment to jpp.

    4-Olb zavier gooden- our lbrs looked promising last year and vanished this year. Scheme, lack of talent, position coach? Idk all I know is we need help. Gooden would be a great weak side lbr for us.

    5- C TJ Johnson-if we don't come away with at least 2 quality olineman that can contribute early and often I will call this draft a bust, period. Havi g said that 3 olineman is optimal. Bass has been a huge let down with his inconsistent is another road grader type that can move those big dts out of the way for Wilson.