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    We all value diffrent things.. I like athletic, instinctive, versatile players, and at times i really like to try and get value, which i think my mock does with Moore, Hill, Tretter, and Wolff... McDonald and Slay are 2guys i always felt were underrated and they boosted there stocks for me in the combine alittle bit more... McDonald would finally end our search for longtime starting TE.. THis kid can flat out play.. He can line up everywhere, and is great for a TE of his size with ball in his hands, and tough to take down after the catch, and could develop into a monster redzone threat for ELI... Hes one of the players that has truly grown on me, and i don't care what positons seem like need, i want him on our team!


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      Originally posted by Evo'Ed View Post
      Nice mock.

      Quick on the McDonald in the 3rd.

      If we somehow resign MB, would you still grab McDonald there?
      Depends on what we resigned em to yr wise.. If it was a 2yr or less contract, yes... If it was a 3yr deal or more, maybe i would pass up and go with something like this

      1. d.moore
      2. d.slay
      3. K.Greene/ Sio Moore/ Mallichiah Goodman/ Brennan Williams
      4. j.hill
      5. jc tretter
      6. e. wolff
      7. t.hawkinson
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